All Is Fair Read Along Part 1

Welcome back to the read along of Emma Newman’s Split Worlds series! You can find my posts for the previous two books, Between Two Thorns and Any Other Name, in the “Split Worlds Read Along” tag.

Emma Newman’s Split Worlds series is an urban fantasy series where the human world (Mundanus) is separated from the Fae world (Exilium) and the space in between is the Nether. The Nether is occupied by human families sponsored by Fae patrons, and their social customs are reminiscent of the Regency or Victorian era. The series has a very fantasy of manners feel, although it also has some investigations by the Arbitrators, who are responsible for keeping the Fae from meddling in Mundanus. The books absolutely must be read in order, so if you’re interested in the series, you should start with the first book, Between Two Thorns. 

This week covers chapters one through six of book three, All Is Fair. Questions are provided by Lisa at Over The Effing Rainbow. Spoilers are below the cut.

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