Winter 2015-2016 Art Update

When I originally created this blog, I meant for it to be a place where I could post both book reviews and my artwork. I would guess that most people following me here don’t know that since my last art update was way back in May. Oops. In part it’s because I just haven’t been…

Art Update (December 2014 and January 2015)

This month has my fewest ever posts. Largely, it’s because I haven’t been reading much these past few weeks. I quit listening to the audio book of The Martian. I tried rereading In the Time of the Butterflies, but ultimately dropped it. Now I’m theoretically reading In the Garden of the Moon but am having trouble getting involved…

Art Update (November and December 2014)

I’m somewhat behind on reviews due to finals and college applications, but I have been doing some artwork, so here’s on update on that. I’ve been doing some sketch book work of my characters, and I’ve colored a couple of the sketches.

Art Update (October and November 2014)

I finished Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb a few days ago, so a review of that should be forthcoming soon. Right now I’m in the midst of schoolwork and college applications, so it’s a bit hard to get anything done. But I do have some more updates on my current art pieces, plus some other…

Digital Landscape Sketches

Referenced from Grinmir-stock Referenced from Colourize-Stock Two quick landscape studies to help me get used to working digitally.

Corel Painter Trial

I’ve downloaded a trial run of Corel Painter Pro and have been experimenting with it. It’s not as easy to use as Sai, but that’s because it has so many more features (and it’ll be more expensive if I decide to buy it). This image was made using the liquid ink features.

More sketching in Sai

I’ve been doing some more sketches in Sai. These were all originally uploaded to my tumblr.