Review of One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron

25635416One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron. ★★★★

I am loving this series so much, and it’s threatening to become on of my all time favorite urban fantasy series. It’s just so much fun! Plus, I love the world and characters. Rachel Aaron is doing truly wonderful work with this series.

One Good Dragon Deserves Another is the second book in the Heartstriker series, which begins with Nice Dragons Finish Last. I would suggest reading the books in order. Don’t worry, both books are fantastic! Forewarning, this review could involve spoilers from the first book.

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Review of Memories of Ash by Intisar Khanani

17969479Memories of Ash by Intisar Khanani. ★★★★

Memories of Ash is a full, novel length sequel to the YA fantasy novella Sunbolt. In my review of Sunbolt, I noted that I was waiting to see where the sequels would take the series. Well it was worth the wait! Memories of Ash was even better than the first installment. It’s so much of what I want in a fantasy novel – a focus on adventure rather than romance, amazing world building, and a clever and kindhearted heroine.

While I suggest reading Sunbolt before Memories of Ash, you might be able to go into it without having read the novella. But why would you? Sunbolt is a lot of fun. Anyway, it was over two years since I’d read Sunbolt, and I didn’t find myself getting confused. Do note that there will be spoilers for the novella in the rest of this review.

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Review of Plastic Smile by S. L. Huang

30517306Plastic Smile by S.L. Huang. ★★★1/2

Plastic Smile is the fourth novel in the Russell’s Attic series, a usually action oriented science fiction series about an anti-heroic woman with superpowers based on math. I suggest reading the series in order, starting with the first book, Zero Sum Game. This review may contain spoilers for prior books.

As part of her attempt to become a better person, Cas Russell has decided to fight crime. Being Cas, she decides to find the most mathematically efficient way of crime fighting. She hits upon a device that emits subsonic signals that break up group thought. Subliminal brain control over the entire Los Angles area. What could go wrong?

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Review of Root of Unity by S.L. Huang

26125180Root of Unity by S.L. Huang. ★★★1/2

Cas Russell and her mathematical superpowers are back! Root of Unity is the third book in Russell’s Attic series (start with Zero Sum Game), a series of fast paced, science fiction action thriller’s. Cas Russell has superhuman math abilities which she uses to work as a mercenary, instantly calculating the trajectory of bullets and the exact parabolic arcs needed to leap between buildings.

However, Cas is also trying to become a better person. It’s a strange journey for our anti-heroine, and Roots of Unity opens with her “falling off the wagon” – killing people again after she’d gone all of book two without murdering anyone. Over the course of the last two books, she’s found something very new for her: friends. Cas is horrible at interpersonal relationships, but she’s trying her best to learn this friendship thing.

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Review of And All the Stars by Andrea K. Host

13411999And All the Stars by Andrea K. Höst. ★★★1/2

And All the Stars is one of the better YA apocalyptic novels I’ve read. Towers have sprouted from cities around the world, spreading a strange dust. Those who encounter the dust either die or transform… Madeleine Cost is a fifteen year old artist who’s skipping school to go paint a portrait of her cousin. She winds up right next to Sydney’s tower and gets absolutely coated in the dust. She teams up with some other teenage survivors to face the new world and what they’ve become.

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Review of Zero Sum Game by S.L. Huang

21466216Zero Sum Game by S.L. Huang. ★★★1/2

Zero Sum Game is an action packed, speculative fiction thriller. Cas Russell knows there’s something different about her abilities – she’s very good at math, to the point where she sees the mathematics that underlie the everyday world. Thanks to this sixth sense, Cas can pull off amazing physical feats by almost instantaneously calculating the trajectory of bullets or the necessary angles and forces to win in a fight.

Cas Russell might have powers, but she’s more a super-powered anti-heroine than a straight out superhero. People hire her to retrieve items for them, often illegally, and she has no compunctions about killing people she sees as a threat. In Zero Sum Game, Cas is hired to retrieve a woman from a drug gang and soon finds herself in the middle of something bigger.

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Review of Brood of Bones by A.E. Marling

This cover is so beautiful!

Brood of Bones by A.E. Marling.★★★1/2

Brood of Bones is a self published fantasy novel available for free on Amazon. In short, Brood of Bones is about Hiresha, a narcoleptic enchantress who’s returned to her hometown only to find that all the women there are mysteriously pregnant. It’s a fun story that combines fantasy and mystery with flashes of humor.

Enchantress Hiresha left her home city of Morimound many years ago when she first began her training as an enchantress. She had not wanted to return before finding a cure for her constant sleepiness. However, she has been called upon by the city’s Flawless due to a plague of pregnancies afflicting all woman older than twelve, including the city’s grandmothers. At first dubious as to whether or not some elaborate prank is being played upon her, Hiresha eventually begins to investigate the cause of the mysterious pregnancies. If she cannot find it, many women, especially the young and the old, will die in the coming months.

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