SFF Releases in Spring 2018

Hello everyone! This spring is bringing some truly fantastic new releases, and I’m here to share with you the upcoming books I’m most excited about!

SFF Releases in Late 2017

Hello everyone! There’s been an amazing line up of science fiction and fantasy releases this fall, and it’s about time for another list. This will be the last book release round up until I start writing about 2018 books.

SFF Releases in the First Half of October 2017

October is a month chock full of splendid science fiction and fantasy releases. I cannot emphasis enough how many incredible books are being released. The quantity and quality are such that I’m breaking the month up to go over releases. I’ll have some catching up to do come November!

August and September 2017 SFF Releases

New books! I’m about at the end of the 2017 summer releases, so it’s time for a new list of upcoming science fiction and fantasy books. Here are some of the stories I’m excited about.

Summer 2017 SFF Releases

It’s about time for a new list of upcoming books I’m excited for! This summer promises all sorts of great books. June in particular is packed with amazing new releases.

Late Spring 2017 SFF Releases

When I was making my “Spring 2017” releases list, I had to stop at April. There are just so many exciting books coming out this May! This list covers only April and May – I’ll be releasing a new one sometime in May to cover summer releases.

Early 2017 Science Fiction and Fantasy Releases

There’s all sorts of books coming out in 2017 that I’m excited about! So much so that I’m limiting this list to the spring. I’ll post an updated list in late March or early April for books that couldn’t fit onto this list or which didn’t have a cover revealed yet.

2016 End of Year Releases

Welcome to a list of the rest of the 2016 releases I’m looking forward to. All but one are science fiction or fantasy, because that’s how I roll.

2016 August and September Releases on My Radar

Wow, there are a lot of exciting books coming out in the next two months! I normally try to limit these posts on up and coming books to ten books tops,¬†which means I don’t even get through the end of September. There’s just that many good looking books coming out!

2016 SFF Releases on My Radar Summer Edition

I’ve twice before posted about upcoming books this year that I’m excited for, once back in March¬†and once in December. The lists tend to shift as books get published and new books come on my radar. Oh, and I recognize that May is not usually considered “summer” but I’m from Texas. It’s sure hot enough…