2016 SFF Releases on My Radar Summer Edition

I’ve twice before posted about upcoming books this year that I’m excited for, once back in March and once in December. The lists tend to shift as books get published and new books come on my radar. Oh, and I recognize that May is not usually considered “summer” but I’m from Texas. It’s sure hot enough that it feels like summer.

Without farther adieu, here’s some of the upcoming books I’m excited for:

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2016 SFF Releases on My Radar

Back in December, I posted a list of ten science fiction and fantasy books that were due to be published in 2016. However, this list was heavy on January and February releases, so half of the initial list has already been published! Besides that, some new releases have been announced, some release dates have been changed, and some new books have caught my attention. This calls for an update. Without father adieu, here’s some science fiction and fantasy books yet to be released that I’ve got my eye on.

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