January 2018 Recap

Hello dear readers. This month has been scaled back, but I think I’ve managed to keep up a fairly reasonable rate of reviews. I do seem to have less time in general for reading and reviewing, even though I ended up dropping a class (taking 22 credit hours was a¬†horrible¬†decision). Anyway, let’s get on with…

December 2017 Recap

Goodbye to 2017! I’ll be having an official, end of the year recap post up soon, but for now, you’ve got this recap for the month of December. Somehow the interesting links section ended up super small this month. I don’t know if I’ve been reading less interesting articles or if I’ve just forgotten to…

November 2017 Recap

Hello everyone! November was a pretty good reading month for me, even if I’m falling behind on reviews some.

Sci-Fi Month Introduction! + October Recap

Hello everyone! This time I’m combining my recap of October with my introduction of Sci-Fi Month, a blog event sponsored by Rinn and Lisa that I will participating in this November. Basically, it’s a whole month spent celebrating science fiction!

Monthly Recap September 2017

Hello everyone! September’s been a pretty good month for reading and reviewing, and October’s shaping up to be a good one as well.

Monthly Recap August 2017

Welcome back everyone! Did anyone see the eclipse that passed over the United States? I got a good view, and it was pretty exciting. As for the monthly recap, I’m going to try something a bit new this month and start with a segment of links to articles I enjoyed and would like to share.

Monthly Recap June 2017

Hello and welcome to my recap of all my June reading! In general, this was a pretty fantastic month for reading. Most of the books I reviewed this month were four stars, which is grand. I do have a book I didn’t finish, so that’ll start off the post as usual.

Monthly Recap May 2017

Welcome to my monthly recap! Here I go over what I reviewed in May, my non-review posts, and what you can expect to see come June.

Monthly Recap April 2017

Welcome to my monthly recap for April. I’ll be going over the books I didn’t finish, listing my reviews and posts from this month, and giving a hint of what you can expect from May.

Monthly Recap March 2017

Welcome to my March recap! As usual, I’ll be going over the books I quit partway through, the reviews I published this month, what I’ll be reading and reviewing next month, and what my non-review posts this month were. Additionally, I’ll be checking in on where I’m at with my reading goals for the year.

Monthly Recap February 2017

Hello everyone! This post is an overview of what I’ve reviewed this month, what I’m going to review next month, and other blog related news. This recap is also special, because this is the first time I’ve had posts published in another venue! Keep reading for more information.

Monthly Recap January 2017

Welcome to my monthly recap! This is where I’ll be going over what I read this month, the books I didn’t finish, and what reviews you can expect to see in February.