August and September 2017 SFF Releases

New books! I’m about at the end of the 2017 summer releases, so it’s time for a new list of upcoming science fiction and fantasy books. Here are some of the stories I’m excited about.

What TBR Pile Books Should I Take to College?

Hello everyone! It’s getting to be the time of year when I pack up my things and move back to Agnes Scott for the school year. Every year, this brings the question: which books will I take with me? I’ve found that in prior years, I’ve tended to bring too many books. Since I am…

10 Space Stories Written by Women

I was originally going to make this a list of female authored space operas, but then I started going down the rabbit hole of asking, “What books qualify as space operas?” Someday in the future, I may do a list that’s more specifically space operas, not just books set in space. First I’ll probably need…

Rainbow Reads: SFF Books for Pride Month

Despite the fact that I have a page on this blog dedicated to SFF books with LGBTQIAP+ protagonists, I figured it might be helpful to make a shorter list of queer SFF books for pride month. If you’re looking for a more expansive list or a particular identity, I direct you to the aforementioned page….

Summer 2017 SFF Releases

It’s about time for a new list of upcoming books I’m excited for! This summer promises all sorts of great books. June in particular is packed with amazing new releases.

Late Spring 2017 SFF Releases

When I was making my “Spring 2017” releases list, I had to stop at April. There are just so many exciting books coming out this May! This list covers only April and May – I’ll be releasing a new one sometime in May to cover summer releases.

Ten Female Led SFF Novels without Romance

February’s the time of year where people get even more obsessed about romantic love than usual. But even in the rest of the year, there’s often a sense that romance is mandatory. The vast majority of books I read contain a romantic subplot for their lead, particularly if the protagonist happens to be female. With…

2016 Reading Overview and Statistics

I read 195 books this year, 26 more than last year. I suspect the increase may in part be due to the greater numbers of novellas I’m reading. I’m not going to list all the individual titles here, but I will look at some statistics and how well I did on the goals I set…

Ten Book to Screen Adaptations I’d Love to See

While I tend to like book versions better than movie versions, there’s some books that I’d love to see adapted to the screen. I doubt most of these would ever happen, but here’s ten adaptations I’d love to see.

Favorite New to Me SFF Reads of 2016

I have a post about my favorite new science fiction and fantasy releases of 2016. But what about the books that I read this year that were previously released? There’s too many good backlist books to let them go unnoticed!

Early 2017 Science Fiction and Fantasy Releases

There’s all sorts of books coming out in 2017 that I’m excited about! So much so that I’m limiting this list to the spring. I’ll post an updated list in late March or early April for books that couldn’t fit onto this list or which didn’t have a cover revealed yet.