Author Interview: Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy on Once & Future

Have you heard about Once & Future, AKA a queer, gender-bent YA retelling of King Arthur that’s set in SPACE??? In case you haven’t (or even if you have), authors Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy are here to discuss Once & Future, their favorite characters from Arthurian legend, and space dragons.

Author Interview: K.A. Doore on The Perfect Assassin

Do you want a queer as heck fantasy book with assassins? Then you need to read The Perfect Assassin by K.A. Doore! The Perfect Assassin was released earlier this week, so no need to wait! Now, onwards to an interview with the fabulous author herself, K.A. Doore.

Author Interview: Zen Cho on The True Queen

I absolutely adored Zen Cho’s debut novel, Sorcerer to the Crown, and do you know what? Her follow-up, The True Queen, is just as good if not better. So I’m honored to bring you an interview with the marvelous Zen Cho!

Author Interview: Hal Schrieve on Out of Salem

Hal Schrieve’s Out of Salem is one of my favorite debuts of 2019. If you love queer fantasy, this is a book you need to read! It comes out on March 26th. Until then, I’m thrilled to bring you this interview with Hal Schrieve where I talk with hir about the inspiration behind Out of Salem, writing a…

Author Interview: Yangsze Choo on The Night Tiger

Do you want a beautifully atmospheric novel about murder and magic in 1930’s Malay? If the answer is yes, then you need to read Yangsze Choo’s fabulous The Night Tiger, which was released earlier this week. Today I’m bringing Yangsze Choo over to talk about The Night Tiger, historical fiction, and ghost fingers.

Author Interview: Natasha Ngan on Girls of Paper and Fire

I devoured Girls of Paper and Fire, a stunning new young adult fantasy, in less than twenty-four hours. It’s an incredible novel, and I’m excited to bring Natasha Ngan herself here to talk about Girls of Paper and Fire, fighting the patriarchy, and girls falling in love with girls.

Author Interview: Aliette de Bodard on In the Vanisher’s Palace

Do you like dragons? Queer women in love? Fairy-tale retellings? Then you need to read Aliette de Bodard’s new novel, In the Vanisher’s Palace. It’s an utterly fantastic book which I adore, and it was released earlier this week, so be sure to get a copy. In the meantime, here to talk to me about it…

Author Interview: Destiny Soria on Beneath the Citadel

Destiny Soria’s debut fantasy novel, Iron Cast, is a favorite of mine, and it convinced me to follow Destiny Soria to whatever she writes next. Well, her second book is here! It’s called Beneath the Citadel, and I can’t wait to read it. 

Author Interview: R.E. Stearns on Mutiny at Vesta

R.E. Stearn’s debut science fiction novel, Barbary Station, was a rollicking ride following space pirate girlfriends. Doesn’t that sound just like my kind of book? Anyway, when I heard there was a sequel, I knew that I a) wanted to read it, b) wanted to do an interview with R.E. Stearn. Lucky for me, she agreed, and…

Author Interview: S.L. Huang on Zero Sum Game

I love S.L. Huang’s Zero Sum Game. So much so, that I’ve read it (and reviewed it!) twice. On October 2nd, the originally self-published science fiction novel was re-released by Tor Books. I’m hoping that with this re-release, more people will be able to find and love Zero Sum Game. To that end, I arranged an…