November 2017 SFF Short Fiction Part I

Hello everyone! While it is Sci-Fi Month, some of my short fiction reading for today ended up being fantasy. That being said, I have several excellent science fiction stories to share as well.

Favorite Free SFF Short Story Venues

Not too long ago, I got asked for a list of venues for free science fiction and fantasy short stories. Most of what I read comes from recommendations on twitter or blogs that I then bookmark into my browser to read later. I don’t tend to read any issue in its entirety, instead jumping around…

September Short Fiction Reading Part II

Thankfully, I’ve been finding a bit more time for short fiction than I speculated in my last post. Podcasts are a wonderful thing! Especially since I can listen to them while I do work for my art class.

September 2017 Short Fiction Reading Part I

I’ve found myself with a lot less time for short fiction now that the school year’s resumed. Most of these I actually read in August, when I had more time. Hopefully I’ll find space for short stories as the semester continues.

August 2017 Short Fiction Reading Part III

Yay for short stories! Sometimes it’s nice to have something you can read quickly, in one sitting. All of these science fiction and fantasy tales are available for free online.

August 2017 SFF Short Fiction Reading Part One

I’ll admit, I read most of these stories in July, but my posting schedule didn’t leave me with a free day for short stories any sooner. Many of these are from the recommendations for queer short stories I received on Twitter (I’m still going through them!), although I’ve been exploring other stories as well.