June 2018 Short Story Reading Part II

I’ve been listening to a ton of short story podcasts lately! Mostly Apex, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I’ve fallen a bit (okay, more like a lot) behind on my short story updates, but this post should help get me back on track.

June 2018 Short Fiction Reading Part I

Long time, no short stories! Well, I’m back at it with short fiction. Mostly because I’ve started trying to go to the gym, and how can I get through exercise without short fiction podcasts?

Wyrd and Wonder: 10 Queer Fantasy Short Stories

As part of the Wyrd and Wonder blogging event, I want to go through some of my favorite queer fantasy short stories. There’s such a wealth of great short fiction out there, and writing the Queership short fiction column introduced me to so many great queer fantasy short stories. Some of these stories I featured…

2017 Recommended SFF Short Fiction

Over a month ago, I promised a list of recommended SFF short fiction published in 2017. I meant to get to it in the first week of January… and here we are, in February. Oh well. Better late than never? Anyway, these are my favorite stories of 2017! I hope you find some you enjoy….

December 2017 SFF Short Fiction Reading IV

More short stories! I’m trying to get through some of my 2017 bookmarks to have a more expanse list of recommendations for the year. Let’s see how it goes. I mean, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to read all of the short genre fiction published in 2017.

December 2017 SFF Short Fiction Reading Part III

Hello! I’m mixing it up a little bit more this week. Some of these are from the Quick Sips Rec list, some are stories I had bookmarked, and some I chose on the spur of the moment. I want to make my own “2017 Recommended Short Fiction” list so I’ve got a lot of reading…

December 2017 SFF Short Fiction Reading II

Hello everyone! I’ve been working my way through the Quick Sip Reviews 2017 Recommended Reading List. It’ll probably take me a while since it’s got 78 stories, most of which I haven’t read! Most of these stories come from the Quick Sip Reviews list, although a few are from my folder of short story links.