Art Update (November and December 2014)

I’m somewhat behind on reviews due to finals and college applications, but I have been doing some artwork, so here’s on update on that. I’ve been doing some sketch book work of my characters, and I’ve colored a couple of the sketches.

Corel Painter Trial

I’ve downloaded a trial run of Corel Painter Pro and have been experimenting with it. It’s not as easy to use as Sai, but that’s because it has so many more features (and it’ll be more expensive if I decide to buy it). This image was made using the liquid ink features.

More sketching in Sai

I’ve been doing some more sketches in Sai. These were all originally uploaded to my tumblr.

Preview of Digital Painting!

This is the first non-review post. I created this blog for two things: books and art. Well,┬áit’s time for the second! I’m currently trying to teach myself how to digitally paint. I’ve started on a portrait of a friend – that’s the preview you can see to the left. I’m currently stalled on the hair…