Monthly Recap March 2017

Welcome to my March recap! As usual, I’ll be going over the books I quit partway through, the reviews I published this month, what I’ll be reading and reviewing next month, and what my non-review posts this month were. Additionally, I’ll be checking in on where I’m at with my reading goals for the year.

Monthly Recap February 2017

Hello everyone! This post is an overview of what I’ve reviewed this month, what I’m going to review next month, and other blog related news. This recap is also special, because this is the first time I’ve had posts published in another venue! Keep reading for more information.

Monthly Recap January 2017

Welcome to my monthly recap! This is where I’ll be going over what I read this month, the books I didn’t finish, and what reviews you can expect to see in February.

Monthly Recap October 2016

Welcome to my monthly recap. Here’s where I say a little on the books I DNF’d this month, go over what I reviewed in October, and look ahead to what I’ll be reading and reviewing in November.

Monthly Recap September 2016

Today I’m going over all my posts for the last month, mentioning the books I didn’t finish, and talking some about what I’ve got coming up for October. I actually read two hundred pages of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, a YA dystopian. It does not convince me to keep reading the subgenre – basically, if you…

Monthly Recap August 2016

Welcome to my recap of books I’ve read in August, plus what I’ll be reading in September. This post also includes a run down of all those books I didn’t quite make it through this month. Let’s start off with the DNFs, shall we?

Books I Didn’t Finish in May 2016

Welcome to the regular post on books I didn’t finish this month. This month’s post is unusually short, since there’s actually only one book I didn’t make it through.

Books I Didn’t Finish in September 2015

Last month there were a few books I started but ultimately chose not to finish, for varying reasons. I would feel bad about doing “official” style reviews of these, but I decided I would say a little something about each one here.