Diversity in Fantasy and Science Fiction

My preferred genera is science fiction and fantasy, but I’ve noticed that all too often the characters are straight, white and heterosexual (and often male). I’ve always sought out well written female protagonists, but I’ve started looking for more diversity in these genera. Here’s some suggested books for those also looking.

I’ve tried to give a general description of the book or what the author writes so you can see if it’s what you might be looking for. I’ve also tried to mention which of these books are Young Adult, in case you’re looking for books outside that genera.

Note, I don’t have reviews for most of these. If I do, I’ll link to it. You can also check the tags “awesome female leads” and “inclusive” to find reviewed books, or you can go to my Goodreads account and look at the shelf “Strong Female Characters”.

I have found this searchable site of diverse speculative fiction, so I’d suggest checking that out.

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