Review of Bookburners: Season One

29238781Bookburners created by Max Gladstone. ★★★★

Bookburners is a new story from Serial Box, a service that aims to bring the serial story into the 21st century. Thus Bookburners is really a collection of sixteen “episodes,” each with its own plot arc, akin to a TV series.

Sal Brooks is an ordinary New York City detective with a younger brother who dabbles in the occult. When her brother gets in over his head, Sal is drawn into the world of the supernatural. She soon joins the Bookburners – a secret Vatican team that acquires and locks down books with the ability to bring demonic forces into our world. They are all that stand between humanity and otherworldly forces.

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Exams Hiatus

Next week is exams week, so I won’t be posting again until exams are out and I’m back home for the holidays. You can expect to start seeing posts again shortly after December 12th.

Here’s some things that will be coming up on this blog after the hiatus:

  • A review of Steven Brust’s The Phoenix Guards
  • A review of Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring
  • A review of Rena Rocford’s Acne, Asthma, And Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon
  • More reviews!
  • Statistics for my reading in 2015 (will go up on January 1st)

I’d thought about posting something about my favorite new releases of 2015, but you can already find most of these in the Goodreads Choice Awards post.

You’ll be hearing from me again after exams are done!