Interview and Giveaway with Author April Daniels

I am so excited to bring you an interview with author April Daniels, author the young adult superhero book Dreadnought. Today we’re talking about the sequel, Sovereign, which has just been released. Scroll to the end of the interview for information about the giveaway!

Author Interview: Sarah Beth Durst

Earlier this month, Sarah Beth Durst returned to the world of Renthia with the new novel, The Reluctant Queen. Today she’s joining us for an interview about her fantastical Queens of Renthia series.

Author Interview: Laura Lam

On June 20th, Laura Lam returns to the world of False Hearts with an all new techno-thriller, Shattered Minds. Join us to hear about Shattered Minds, books with LGBTQ characters, futuristic Hollywood, and writing a “female Dexter.”

Guest Post: Worldbuilding and Culture in the Hexarchate by Yoon Ha Lee

Today’s post is by Yoon Ha Lee, author of Ninefox Gambit and Raven Stratagem, which comes out on June 13th. I have a confession that may horrify you. When I was writing Ninefox Gambit, I worked from a lot of notes.  I had an outline.  I had a list of entertaining tactical tricks scrounged from James Dunnigan…

Author Interview: Emma Newman

I’ve adored Emma Newman’s books ever since I read her science fiction novel, Planetfall. Today she’s here to talk about the final novel in her urban fantasy series, All Good Things.

Author Interview: Martha Wells

I’m thrilled to bring you an interview with Martha Wells, the author of some of my favorite fantasy and science fiction stories. Her novella All Systems Red has just been released, and the last novel in her amazingly imaginative Raksura series comes out this month.

Author Interview: Foz Meadows

I’m so excited to be hosting an interview with the amazing Foz Meadows! We’re talking about the first book in her portal fantasy series, An Accident of Stars. Note that the second book in the series, A Tyranny of Queens, has just been released in the UK and comes out tomorrow in the US!

Author Interview: Sarah Gailey

I am thrilled to bring you an interview with Sarah Gailey, the author of numerous short stories and the soon to be released novella River of Teeth! Join us as we talk about alternate history, SFF costumes, and, of course, hippos.

Author Interview: Dianna Gunn

I’m so excited to host an interview with Dianna Gunn, the debut author of the YA fantasy novella Keeper of the Dawn. Join us to hear about world building, writing an asexual protagonist, and the process of writing Keeper of the Dawn.

Author Interview: Erica Cameron

Remember those hints I’ve been making about more author interviews on the way? Well today I get to bring you an interview with author Erica Cameron, whose YA fantasy book Island of Exiles was released this March! We’ll be talking about Island of Exiles, writing young adult fiction, and asexual representation in literature.

Author Interview: RoAnna Sylver

I am so excited to share an interview with RoAnna Sylver, author of Chameleon Moon and The Lifeline Signal. We’ll be talking about RoAnna’s books, how to write inclusive stories, and hope in dystopias. Enjoy!

Author Interview: Kameron Hurley

Hello everyone! Today I have an interview with Kameron Hurley, who’s here to talk about her new science fiction novel, The Stars Are Legion.