Guest Post: Worldbuilding and Culture in the Hexarchate by Yoon Ha Lee

Today’s post is by Yoon Ha Lee, author of Ninefox Gambit and Raven Stratagem, which comes out on June 13th.

I have a confession that may horrify you.

When I was writing Ninefox Gambit, I worked from a lot of notes.  I had an outline.  I had a list of entertaining tactical tricks scrounged from James Dunnigan and Albert Nofi’s Victory and Deceit: Deception and Trickery at War.  I had the occasional list of information that didn’t make it into the novel, such as the list of high calendar months.

That’s not the confession.  Rather, the confession is about all the other worldbuilding that I made up as I trudged through my rough draft.  Sure, I knew that the hexarchate had six factions, but what were the internal cultural norms of those factions?  What was life in the hexarchate like, even through such a limited lens as that of its military, the Kel?

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