The Cloud Roads Read Along Part 4

Welcome to week four of the read along of Martha Wells’s The Cloud Roads. This is the last section in the read along, covering from Chapter 16 to the end of the book. For my prior posts in the read along, visit the “Raksura Read Along” tag.

There’ll probably be a break for a while before we start on book two, The Serpent Sea, and the schedule for it is still up in the air. I’ll make a post to announce when the dates are set, but anyone’s welcomed to join in once it starts.

Spoilers are below the cut.

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The Cloud Roads Read Along Part 1

Welcome to the read along of The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells!

In The Cloud Roads, Moon has spent his entire life hiding the fact that he’s a shapeshifter who can transform into a winged, scaled form. He has only vague memories of where he came from and doesn’t even know his own species. He tries to fit in among the villages he travels through, but he’s always forced to move on.  Until one day, just as he’s being kicked out of the latest village, he finds another shapeshifter like him, Stone, who wants to take him to a shapeshifter (Raksura) community. Moon is wary of the offer, but he goes along and finds out that Stone wasn’t telling him everything….

This week covers chapters 1-5, and I’ve provided the questions for this week. Banner credits should be given to Anya. If you’re interested in joining, just go comment on the Goodreads thread. My answer’s to this week’s questions and potential spoilers are under the cut. Continue reading