Winter 2015-2016 Art Update

When I originally created this blog, I meant for it to be a place where I could post both book reviews and my artwork. I would guess that most people following me here don’t know that since my last art update was way back in May. Oops.

In part it’s because I just haven’t been making as much artwork lately. This summer I had an internship instead of taking art classes, and for the first semester of college I wasn’t enrolled in any studio art classes. I’ve also found that any traditional art outside of simple pencil drawings in my sketch book is pretty hard to do in my dorm room. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been making anything in all this time. Just that there’s been a lot less of it, and what I do have has been mostly in Photoshop or my sketchbook. I am currently in a digital art class, so I’ve been doing a bit more recently.

What follows is a round up of the artistic highlights, scarce as they may be, since the last art update.

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Art Cards

So I realized I haven’t had an art update since January. I’ve been making things, I promise! I’ll get around to getting the photos ready at some point. Anyway, I’ve also been making artwork in the size of playing cards to give to my friends before we all graduate and scatter across the country. Most of this involves fan art from popular movies and series. There’s thirty-eight in total.

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Art Update (December 2014 and January 2015)

This month has my fewest ever posts. Largely, it’s because I haven’t been reading much these past few weeks. I quit listening to the audio book of The Martian. I tried rereading In the Time of the Butterflies, but ultimately dropped it. Now I’m theoretically reading In the Garden of the Moon but am having trouble getting involved and haven’t picked it up in days. Ultimately, it’s hard to have posts on a book review blog when you aren’t reading.

However, I have done art since the last update!

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Development of my Art Through my Characters

For creative writing, I’m working on a piece about where characters come from. I asked the teacher if I could accompany what I write with some of the artwork I’ve done for the characters (she said yes).

Bit of an explanation here – I’ve had some of these characters since I was in fifth or sixth grade. I have art of these characters dating from the hazy mists of middle school. The characters have changed a lot since then, so sharing their development also shows how my skill as an artist has progressed (which is good if I get frustrated on something. I can always look back and think, Hey, I used to be even worse!).

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Art Update (October and November 2014)

I finished Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb a few days ago, so a review of that should be forthcoming soon. Right now I’m in the midst of schoolwork and college applications, so it’s a bit hard to get anything done. But I do have some more updates on my current art pieces, plus some other stuff I got back from the summer show. As always, there’s a lot of art. My moda operandi with these posts seems to be to let everything pile up in a gigantic heap and then tackle it in one huge post.

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Photographing Artwork: The Importance of Lighting

Yesterday I got all my pieces from the summer show back, so I’ve been busy photographing them. I usually take around seven or eight photos and then open them up into Photoshop to fix them up and chose the best one.

With one of these pieces, I actually have versions taken under three different lighting conditions. The first was taken at the art school with my iphone, the other two at home by windows at opposite sides of the house with a Cannon digital camera. There’s a noted difference between the colors of all three versions.

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