Short Story Index

An index of all the stories in my short fiction reading roundups. Alphabetical by author.

Allan, Nina. “The Art of Space Travel.”

Anders, Charlie Jane. “Love Might Be Too Strong a Word.”

Anderson, G.V. “Das Steinbeschöpe.”

Badger, Darcie Little. “Black, Their Regalia.”

Badger, Darcie Little. “Nkásht íí.” 

Barber, Jess. “Maybe Look Up.”

Barnett, Barbara. “43 Responses to ‘In Memory of Dr. Alexandra Nako.'”

Beagle, Peter S. “The Story of Kao Yu.”

Bear, Elizabeth. “In Libres.”

Bolander, Brooke. “Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies.”

Bolekaja, Lisa. “Three Voices.”

Burgoine, Nathan. “The Psychometry of Snow.” 

Cho, Zen. “Prudence and the Dragon.”

Chu, John. “How to Piss Off a Failed Super Solider.” 

Chu, John. “Making the Magic Lightning Strike Me.” 

Chu, John. “The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere.” 

Cipri, Nino. “The Shape of My Name.”

Dawson, Delilah S. “Catcall.”

de Bodard, Aliette. “A Hundred and Seventy Storms.”

de Bodard, Aliette. “Immersion.” 

de Bodard, Aliette. “Lullaby for a Lost World.”

de Bodard, Aliette. “Memorials.”

de Bodard, Aliette. “A Salvaging of Ghosts.”

Debonnaire, Meredith. “The Life and Times of Angel Evans.”

Donnelly, Lara Elena. “The Witches of Athens.”

Duncan, Hal. “Sic Him, Hellhound! Kill! Kill!”

Duncan, Hal. “The Disappearance of James H____.”

El-Mohtar, Amal. “Madeleine.”

Gailey, Sarah. “Bargain.”

Gailey, Sarah. “A Lady’s Maid.”

Gladstone, Max. “A Kiss with Teeth.”

Goss, Theodora. “Red as Blood and White as Bone.”

Gratton, Tessa. “Three True Things.”

Hoffman, Ada. “The Scrape of Tooth and Bone.”

Hopkinson, Nalo. “Can’t Beat ‘Em.”

Howard, Kat. “The Calendar of Saints.”

Howard, Kat. “The Green Knight’s Wife.”

Howard, Kat. “The Sound of Salt and Sea.”

Hurley, Kameron. “The War of Heroes.”

Jemisin, N.K. “The City Born Great.”

Jones, Rachel K. “The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles.”

Kendall, Mikki. “Snow White.”

Khaw, Cassandra. “When We Die on Mars.”

Killjoy, Margaret. “Everything That Isn’t Winter.”

Kingfisher, T. “The Dryad’s Shoe.”

Kowal, Mary Robinette. “Midnight Hour.”

Kritzer, Naomi. “Cat Pictures Please.”

Kritzer, Naomi. “Paradox.”

Kushner, Ellen. “The Man with Knives.”

Kushner, Ellen. “The Swordsman Whose Name Was Not Death.”

Lee, Yoon Ha. “Foxfire, Foxfire.”

Lee, Yoon Ha. “Wine.”

Lindholm, Megan. “Old Paint.”

Liu, Ken. “Paper Menagerie.”

Liu, Ken. “Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon.”

Lynch, Scott. “A Year and a Day in Old Theradane.” 

McGuire, Seanan. “Dragonflies.”

Meadows, Foz. “Ten Day’s Grace.”

Mohanraj, Mary Anne. “Communion.” 

Moraine, Sunny. “What Glistens Back.”

O’Connacht, Lynn. “The Princess Who Didn’t Eat Cake.”

Okorafor, Nnedi. “Afrofuturist 419.”

Owomoyela, An. “All That Touches Air.”

Payseur, Charles. “A Lumberjack’s Guide to Dryad Spotting.”

Reed, Nicasio Andrés. “Glaciers Made You.”

Rustad, A. Merc. “How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps.”

Rustad, A. Merc. “Monster Girls Don’t Cry.”

Rustad, A. Merc. “This Is Not a Wardrobe Door.”

Ryan, C.C.S. “Emergency Management Protocol.”

Stirling, Penny. “Tanith’s Sky.”

Szpara, K.M. “Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time.”

Takács, Bogi. “Forestspirit, Forestspirit.”

Takács, Bogi. “Three Partitions.” 

Valente,  Catherynne M. “The Days of Flaming Motorcycles.”

Vaughn, Carrie. “Astrophilia.”

Vaughn, Carrie. “That Game We Played During War.”

Vernon, Ursula. “Jackalope Wives”

Vernon, Ursula. “Sun, Moon, Dust.”

Vernon, Ursula. “The Tomato Thief.”

Wells, Martha. “Night at the Opera.”

Wilde, Fran. “A Moment of Gravity, Circumscribed.” 

Wilson, Kai Ashante. “The Devil in America.”

Wise, A.C. “Seven Cups of Coffee.”

Wong, Alyssa. “The Fisher Queen.”

Wong, Alyssa. “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers.”

Wong, Alyssa. “You’ll Surely Drown Here if You Stay.”

Wright, Tristina. “The Siren Son.”

Yang, JY. “Secondhand Bodies.”

Yap, Isabel. “Good Girls.”

Yap, Isabel. “The Oiran’s Song.”

Yoachim, Caroline M. “Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station.”

Yu, E. Lily. “The Witch of the Orian Waste and the Boy Knight.”