Serial Box Updates! Tremontaine! Bookburners!

29459081Remember how I reviewed each episode of season three Tremontaine and Bookburners? Well, they’ve now been bundled together into omnibuses! Head over to the Serial Box site for more information.

Seasons one of TremontaineBookburners, and ReMade are also going to be on sale through April 5th. I’m not that familiar with ReMade (though I know it’s young adult science fiction), but I’ve reviewed season one of Tremontaine and season one of Bookburners. They’re both a lot of fun. Tremontaine is a queer fantasy of manners, and Bookburners is an urban fantasy story with one of my all time favorite writers, Max Gladstone.

In other Serial Box news, they’ve got a new story called Born to the Blade that I’m more than half-way interested in.

Born to the BladeYouth. Ambition. Power. Oda no Michiko and Kris Denn have much of the first two, and crave the last. To get it, all they must do is survive. For centuries, the Warder’s Circle on the neutral islands of Twaa-Fei has given the nations of the sky a way to avoid war, as their chosen warders settle disputes through magical duels of blade and sigil. But that peace is on the edge of crumbling, crushed between the aggression of the Mertikan Empire and the determination of the still-free nations to not be consumed. Twaa-Fei may be neutral, but it is also home to a million intrigues, schemes, and deadly intentions. Michiko and Kris arrive in this treacherous world together, bladecrafters eager to serve their countries — Michiko as a junior warder for Katuke, a vassal of the empire, Kris as an upstart challenging to win a seat for his home, Rumika, in the Circle. But before the young bladecrafters have even settled in, a power struggle erupts, a man’s head is parted from his shoulders, and every good thing Michiko thinks she knows about the empire comes into question. A storm is coming, and Kris and Michiko stand at its eye. Will it bind the nations of the sky together… or tear it apart?

The synopsis is fairly standard fantasy. It’s the author line up that really got my attention: Micheal R. Underwood, Marie Brenan, Malka Older, and Cassandra Khraw. I really like what I’ve read by Cassandra Kraw in the way of short fiction, so Born to the Blade is something to look forward to!

The Fisher of BonesOf course, there’s also some Serial Box stories I’m behind on. I really enjoyed the first season of The Witch Who Came in from the Cold, but I haven’t gotten around to the second yet.

And then there’s The Fisher of Bone by Sarah Gailey! Sarah Gailey’s another author who’s work I enjoy, so I keep meaning to get to The Fisher of Bones. Plus, the entire first season’s free, so I really have no excuse.

Are you familiar with any of these stories? Any your interested in? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Yessss to Tremontaine, it is one of my favourite ongoing stories at the moment!

    As for Born To The Blade, I have an advance copy of the entire first season because the folks at Serial Box are amazingly good to me, and if I can judge by the first episode, it’s going to be very interesting!

    1. I like Tremontaine a lot too! Diane is the best. 🙂

  2. Tammy says:

    I haven’t had much luck with serialized fiction, it’s a little too much for me to manage right now. (I read The Fisher of Bones and didn’t really enjoy it) But wow, Born to the Blade sounds really good!

    1. I’m also crunched for time, but I’m hoping to have more this summer. I want to get back into serials and short fiction!

  3. The last couple of new serials from Serial Box have not interested me much, but HELLO Born to the Blade! That one actually looks like one I want to read.

    1. Oh, and ReMade is actually great! I loved the first season, which surprised me. I am reviewing the second season on my blog tomorrow to promote SB’s bundle, it probably wasn’t as good as season 1 but it still ranks up there with Bookburners for me in terms of enjoyment.

      1. Sounds like I need to read ReMade then! Grr, I wish I had more time for more books…

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