SFF Releases in Spring 2018

Hello everyone! This spring is bringing some truly fantastic new releases, and I’m here to share with you the upcoming books I’m most excited about!

32487001March 1st – Last Dragon Standing by Rachel Aaron

Have you heard me talking about how much I love Rachel Aaron’s Heartstriker series? If you haven’t, maybe I should be talking about it more… because I really love this series. It’s one of my all time favorite urban fantasy series. If a near future urban fantasy novel with great world building, characters, and most of all DRAGONS sounds appealing, then I beg you to pick up Nice Dragons Finish LastLast Dragon Standing is the last in the series, and my heart is not ready.

32610537March 6th – Inkmistress by Audrey Coulthurst

Look at that cover! Isn’t it awesome? Also, a queer fantasy novel with DRAGONS is right up my alley. I need more dragons in my life, and I need more queer lady protagonists, so this is just about perfect. Well, at least I hope it will be. The author’s last novel got some mixed reviews, and I ended up passing on it. This one looks like it will be more action adventure than romance, so it’s a better bet. So fingers crossed that this book will work out!

34728667March 6th – Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

I’ve had my eye on this debut YA fantasy novel for quite a while. I think it’s the one that incited a bidding war among publishing houses and ended up going for  a huge sum? Anyway, that makes me want to know what’s got everyone who’s read it so excited. Also it looks like it involves a friendship between two girls? That’s my thing. And the world building looks pretty spectacular, based off of the back blurb. And it’s reviews have been pretty good so far.

35297558March 13th – Impostor Syndrome by Mishell Baker

Impostor Syndrome is the last book in one of my other favorite urban fantasy series, the Arcadia Project. I can have multiple favorites, okay! The main reason I adore this series is for its prickly protagonist, Millie. I’ve already had the chance to read Impostor Syndrome thanks to a Netgalley ARC, and I can say that it is not a disappointment. The only sad thing is that the trilogy is now over. Maybe Mishell Baker will write something else? Whatever it is, I’ll read it.

35959724March 20th – Torn by Rowenna Miller

This debut fantasy novel is giving me definite “French Revolution” vibes. Sophie is a dressmaker with the commission of the royal family. She’s known for her talent at creating magical charms that she sews into her dresses. Then her brother’s taken hostage, and the revolutionary movement demands that Sophie sews a death charm into the Queen’s dress. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I need way more French Revolution fantasy novels, and I love the idea of a magical, dressmaker heroine!

36912007April 3rd – The Sisters Mederos by Patrice Sarath

At the moment of writing, I’m about 30% into an ARC of The Sisters. It’s a fantasy of manners/historical fantasy focusing on two sisters of a disgraced merchant family trying to prove their family was framed and restore their position in society. So far its fairly entertaining, and it’s been moving pretty quickly. I do have some questions about the world building (what role does magic play?), but hopefully those will be answered before the end.

30223025April 3rd – Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

I’ve been excited about Dread Nation ever since I first heard of it. Look, I may not be the biggest zombie fan on the block, but I can appreciate them. Especially when they’re mixed compellingly with other subgenres. In the case of Dread Nation, that’s historical fiction! Whoo, alternate history! The main character is a black teenage girl who’s been trained to fight zombies and somehow gets involved in a conspiracy. Anyway, I’ve got high hopes for Dread Nation!

24100285April 3rd – Space Opera by Catherynne Valente

Catherynne Valente can be hit or miss with me. She’s written some things I’ve absolutely adored and others that made me go, “meh.” I do have… concerns about how much I’ll enjoy Space Opera, especially as I’m not super into music. Seriously, I’m not musical. At all. I don’t even tend to listen to it. Still, I think the concept sounds pretty cool, and Valente may surprise me.

34804767April 5th – Lost Gods by Micah Yongo

Angry Robot has produced some fantastic novels, and I have my eye on this new one. For one, it’s an epic fantasy with an African inspired setting. I have not read nearly enough fantasy with African inspired settings (or pre-colonial Americas, for that matter). Also, the main character is an assassin uncovering a supernatural conspiracy? That sounds so cool. I guess my main worry is that it won’t be great about having female characters, but it sounds like the order of assassins is co-ed. So that’s a good sign, right?

35018901April 17th – Head On by John Scalzi

Lock In is probably my favorite thing Scalzi has written, so of course I’m going to check out this sequel. It follows the same characters, Chris and Leslie, as they investigate a person with Haden’s Syndrome who dropped dead in the middle of a brutal, futuristic sport where threeps rip each other apart. Okay, having said all that, I just realized it probably means nothing to you if you haven’t read Lock In. So just trust me when I say that Head On is a near future techno-thriller that promises to be a ton of fun.

34457942April 17th – Before Mars by Emma Newman

In the last couple of years, Emma Newman has become one of my favorite authors. In particular, I adore her science fiction, Planetfall and After Atlas. They’re so smartly written, and they’re some of the best sci-fi books out there, particularly when it comes to those that deal with mental health issues. This new book follows a geologist on a Martian colony who suspects she’s either loosing her mind or is caught in a giant conspiracy. Knowing Emma Newman, it may be both.

35068768April 17th – Blackfish City by Sam J. Miller

One of the benefits of short fiction is that it’s a good way to try out new authors. Such is the case for Sam Miller. I also think it might be set in the same world of one of my favorite of his stories, “Calved.” Blackfish City is set in a floating city in the Arctic, which is shaken by the arrival of a mysterious woman riding an orca (which sounds sooo cool). Also, knowing Sam Miller, it’ll probably have queer characters. Woot!

36245705May 1st – Medusa Uploaded by Emily Devenport

Emily Devenport is another author whom I’ve found through her short fiction. In this case, I really enjoyed her short story “Postcards from Monster Island,” so when I saw Medusa Uploaded, I knew I’d be reading it. Also, that synopsis looks so cool. The protagonist is an assassin on a generation ship. And she’s bonded to a sentient AI! This looks like it will be so much fun.

35064104May 8th – Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

MURDERBOT RETURNS! I loved Martha Wells novella All Systems Red so so much, and I can hardly wait for this sequel. In this one, we get more of Murderbot’s mysterious past, although I’d read anything about Murderbot. Murderbot’s TV commentary? I’d be down for it. I’ve been a fan of Martha Wells for a while, and I’m glad that these novellas are bringing more attention to her work. She’s such a great writer, and if you haven’t read her already, you should!

35068705May 15th – The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

I was hearing really good things about this debut epic fantasy, so I requested an ARC. Well, my request was approved so I can tell you that I heard correctly — this book is amazing. Brutal, but amazing. Like, I’m comparing it to The Fifth Season type of brutal/amazing. It’s inspired by 20th century Chinese history, particularly World War II, and there’s an anti-heroic female lead! If you share my love of monstrous women, this one is for you.

35427530May 15th – Armistice by Lara Elena Donnelly

Amberlough, the story I describe as a cross between Orwell’s 1984 and Kushner’s Swordspoint, made my list of favorite releases from 2017. So of course, I’ve got to read this sequel. It looks like it will have a different main cast, which is a tad disappointing… I want more of the characters I already love! But I’m sure that Lara Elena Donnelly’s new creations will quickly win me over.

36039814May 15th – The Queen of Sorrow by Sarah Beth Durst

I think this is the final novel in The Queens of Renthia series, which starts with The Queen of Blood. If you can’t figure it out from the titles and cover, it’s a fantasy series. And it takes place in a forest filled with hostile nature spirits! I’m excited to see how Sarah Beth Durst will wrap everything up in this volume, and I’ve been lucky enough to be granted an ARC. You can expect to see a review in early May.

35511975May 22nd – 84K by Claire North

84K is set in a future where all crimes are punishable with fines, allowing the rich to literally get away with murder. The man character works in the Criminal Audit Office, but then one of the murders crossing his desk is that of his ex-lover. And he decides that justice must be served. This could veer into the territory of “woman in the refrigerator,” and I feel like Claire North/Kate Griffin has sometimes gone there in the past. But I love the concept, so I hope 84K ends up treating its female characters well.

Are you excited for any of these books? Are there any new releases I’m missing out on? Let me know in the comments!


15 Comments Add yours

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    I’m not looking – my unread books are going to topple over and kill me. But, but, I want them all!
    Damn you.
    And, thank you.
    I’ve turned into Gollum – I want the preciousss
    Lynn 😀

    1. I think we’re all book hoarders. 🙂

  2. Tammy says:

    I’m pretty much excited for ALL these books! I wasn’t going to request The Poppy War but after reading your thoughts on it, I might have to reconsider. And I’m so jealous you’ve already read Impostor Syndrome! I cannot wait😁

    1. Oh, you should request Poppy War! It was soooo good. Probably will end up being one of my best of 2018.

  3. Pyo says:

    Imposter Syndrome all the way. It’s a rare case of me genuinely looking forward to a novel. I just like this sort of heroine.

    Otherwise I think Mark Lawrence Grey Sister. First novel was pretty fun. Author tried some nice ideas for the novel structure – and I think they worked well, so hopefully there’ll be more of that.

    Also A Veil of Spears by Bradley Beaulieu, I think. It’s pretty in many ways pretty “standard” for fantasy, I think, but it works well enough, so why not …

    “I need way more French Revolution fantasy novels, and I love the idea of a magical, dressmaker heroine!”
    Aren’t there enough SFF novels inspired by those events? 😉 Honor Harrington, Alexis Carew for scifi, for example. Shadow Campaigns, Rhapsody of Blood (the 2nd novel), etc for fantasy.
    Maybe it’s just coincidence that I’ve read a bunch of them, but it just seems pretty popular to use for inspiration on events.

    1. I’ve been meaning to get to Red Sister, but I keep getting distracted by other things.

      Maybe I mean to say that I need more good French Revolution fantasy novels. I liked Shadow Campaigns a lot, but I’m not familiar with many others. I tried Honor Harrington and hated it. Same for… Promise of Blood? I think that was the title.

      1. Pyo says:

        Rhapsody of Blood series is the one you wrote a review for. Emma … the sensible woman and Mara the Huntress. First novel is Rituals 😉 Second novel primarily concentrates on Mara and follows her through history – she apparently hung around the French Revolution because Robespierre secretly wanted to create a God of Reason by sacrificing a bunch of people.

        Well, it’s stuff like that that makes the series worth reading, so I’m not complaining for that case ^^;

      2. Oh, that series! I hadn’t read the second volume.

  4. Dread Nation and Medusa Uploaded are on my radar too! I am actually not a zombie story fan at all, but you’re right, there is something about Dread Nation that makes me want to give it a chance.

  5. So many exciting releases! It’s a good thing most of these are already on my list, my TBR does not need more adding to, haha! 😀

  6. Lucille says:

    I’m very excited for basically all of these BUT I had forgotten about Medusa Uploaded! It sounds amazing and you reminded me to be excited for this one as well! (I was going to say that I didn’t know about this book but a quick trip to goodreads told me it was already on my want-to-read list haha!)
    Great list!

    1. Thanks! I haven’t heard much buzz about Medusa Uploaded, but I’m excited about it anyway. 🙂

  7. Oh damn, I’m crushed that Imposter Syndrome is the end of the trilogy. I was hoping that it would be one of those urban fantasy serieses that goes on for a while. I would be delighted to read more books about Millie and set in this world — they’re amazing.

    Also: THAT COVER FOR ARMISTICE. I am ded. I can’t wait.

    1. I know! I’m hoping that she’ll maybe write more books in the same world? Although Millie is the main draw for me…

      Armistice’s cover is SO GORGEOUS.

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