January 2018 Recap

Hello dear readers. This month has been scaled back, but I think I’ve managed to keep up a fairly reasonable rate of reviews. I do seem to have less time in general for reading and reviewing, even though I ended up dropping a class (taking 22 credit hours was a horrible decision).

Anyway, let’s get on with the recap!

First off, there’s the interesting links section. Like last month, I don’t have a whole lot. Maybe it fits into the whole “I’m absurdly busy right now” thing.

And onto DNF’s for the month of January.

35018907I probably could have pushed through Semiosis by Sue Burke, but I was so not feeling it. I picked up the novel on the basis of “truly alien aliens,” and I think it was delivering on that front. But when the blurb talked about different generations, I didn’t realize that the novel would be switching generations (and narrators) each chapter. And unfortunately, both sections I read had similar sounding voices and so-so characterization. Throw in a graphic rape scene that felt included only for shock value, and I was not having a great time with this one. Still, I 34672698think some of my other book blogger friends are planning to read it, and I’ll be interested to see what they think.

I read about the first 25% of Project Mothership by Ash Gray. I think it came down to humorous sci-fi largely being hit or miss for me, and it was clear pretty quickly that this one was a miss. Still, my thanks to the author for the ARC.

Next, what’s up in February?

I’ve already got these posts scheduled:

  • A review of Markswoman by Rati Mehrotra
  • A review of Impostor Syndrome by Mishell Baker
  • A review of A Dragon of a Different Color by Rachel Aaron
  • A review of Odd & True by Cat Winters
  • A review of The Belles by Dhanielle Clayton
  • A review of The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt
  • An interview with Alex Wells

And I’m working on these posts:

  • A review of The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz
  • A review of Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman
  • A review of Quietus by Tristan Palmgren
  • A review of Old Worlds, New Ways: Speculative Tales from the Caribbean 
  • A review of Zeroboxers by Fonda Lee

I’ll keep working on the Persepolis Rising read along, although I’m terribly behind. Still, if I don’t fit it’s review into February, you’ll definitely see one come March. I’ve got some ARC’s I’m trying to get to come February, especially Daughters of the Storm. I might also read ahead to The Poppy War, since I keep seeing so many good things about it. I’ve got some TBR books I also want to get to, especially Her Body and Other Parties. Finally, I need to do some reading for my YA fiction class. We get to chose four books for independent reading, with the stipulation that they’ve won some sort of award. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and chose YA SFF that I can also blog about. So at some point you’ll hopefully see a review of A Wrinkle in Time (I read it in middle school but can remember absolutely nothing), Zeroboxers, and The Lie Tree.

Reviews from January

4 1/2 stars

The Infernal Battalion by Django Wexler

Sourdough and Other Stories by Angela Slatter

4 stars

Robots vs. Fairies 

Babylon’s Ashes by James S.A. Corey

No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished by Rachel Aaron

Blood Binds the Pack by Alex Wells

The Black Tides of Heaven by JY Yang

3 1/2 stars

The Tree by Na’amen Gobert Tilahun

Between Worlds by Martha Wells

Buffalo Soldier by Maurice Broaddus

The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline

3 stars

Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

2 1/2 stars

Moonshine by Jasmine Gower

And last but not least, all my non-review posts from this month.

Here, on the Illustrated Page:

Queership is shutting its doors, which means the end of the Rainbow Briefs column I did over there. Which is sort of awkward, because I’ve got a ton of lists in progress. Oh well. Maybe I can start up a feature here on The Illustrated Page? But before you say goodbye, here’s the last couple of Rainbow Briefs:

That’s about it for January. What was your favorite book this month? What are you reading in February?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tammy says:

    It seems you accomplished a lot despite school, Yay! You and I are reading some of the same books so I’ll be curious to read your reviews for Impostor Syndrome and Tess of the Road. Sorry to hear about Semiosis, I’m planning on tackling it this month.

    1. I think a lot of people will like Semosis better than me. Plus, it may have been partly my frame of mind when I was reading it. I needed something that would work as escapism from school stress, and Semosis was not it.

  2. Pyo says:

    I actually finished Project Mothership – it’s one of those novels where the author arbitrarily decided that a book can only have X pages, all contrary evidence aside. Doesn’t have a proper end (along with a bunch of other problems…).
    I’ve also already read Odd & True and Cybernetic Tea Shop, so it’ll be interesting to see what you make of those (talking about Meredith Katz, her Beauty and Cruelty novel is also quite fun).

    Also, Imposter Syndrome just has to be good!

    1. It’s nice to hear what you thought about Project Mothership!

      I’m still working on my review of Cybernetic Teashop, but the gist of it is that it was a sweet, reflective story, but not something I’ll probably go back to. Still, I’m always happy to see ace characters.

      I’m happy to report that Impostor Syndrome is quite good. 🙂

  3. “The Cybernetic Tea Shop‘“… the book is called what? XD I will deff be reading your review for that one!

    1. It’s about a sentient robot who runs a tea shop. 🙂

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