Review of Tremontaine: “A City’s Favor”

Tremontaine: “A City’s Favor” by Racheline Maltese, Tessa Gratton, Joel Derfner, Karen Lord, Ellen Kushner, and Paul Witcover. Season three, episode 13.

Welcome to the final episode of Tremontaine, season three. It’s been one heck of a ride, and I’m going to miss these weekly posts.

Before I get too weepy about the end of the season, let’s talk about what’s actually occurred. I thought “A City’s Favor” was a pretty good episode (although maybe not as good as “Surrounded”) and it wraps up the season nicely.

Kaab discovers who murdered her aunt, and it was not at all what I was expecting. I think “A City’s Favor” mostly puts a wrap on that subplot, but there’s still some implications that will need to be dealt with come next season. Also, I think “A City’s Favor” was pointing out how Kaab was apart from her friends of season one. It’s interesting for the effect it has on Kaab’s character, but I want to see her more with the rest of the cast next season!

Tess finally makes a decision about her future and her place in Riverside. I thought it was a fairly inevitable choice, but she was struggling a lot with making it. I look forward to seeing where it takes her, although I suspect she’ll also be finding herself isolated to a certain degree.

Micah’s decided to end her friendship with Diane. She’s realized that Diane is a habitual liar, and… she’s not wrong? Look, every reader of Tremontaine knows that Diane is manipulative and is lying about her entire history. Somehow we all love her anyway. But I can also see why it would upset Micah, who’s so straight forward and truthful. And as much as I love Diane, I would have trouble trusting her. All that said, I think Micah could safely trust Diane, who values Micah to an extent she’s not willing to admit (to anyone, let alone the Dragon). Diane’s friendship with Micah was one of my favorite things about season three, and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end. Or is it completely over? Or will Diane be able to somehow make amends come season four? I hope so.

Speaking of Diane being manipulative, Basil’s deciding what to do about his wayward wife. I’ve never paid much attention to Basil. He’s a supporting cast member who’s always been sort of bland even if he is loyal. However, even he appears to have his limits, and walking in on Amelia and Davenant surpasses them. He decides to make a move. I won’t say much more, but it may buy Diane a little time in her feud with Davenant.

I do not think the feud’s over. Has Diane listened to Esha’s advice about ending it once and for all? Or can she just not see a way? I’ll admit, I have no idea how Diane could stop the escalations with Davenant. I don’t think he’ll stop unless he has what he wants (Diane) or he’s dead. Which, if things get bad enough, might be Diane’s solution…

So overall, what do I think of season three?

It’s harder to sum up my experience with this season, since it’s the first one where I’ve actually read one episode a week. I’ve been reading Tremontaine season three for months! I do think it’s smoother and more put together than what I remember of season one. It got me to like Rafe more, which is sort of surprising. Then again, all of the characters have been growing, Rafe included. I do think that the intrigue wasn’t as good as it could have been, although we had some entertaining developments (the Amelia plot was hilarious, and events like Esha’s house being burned or the siege or Rafe’s school attacked made my heart beat fast).

With the Diane/Davenant feud ongoing, there’s a lot left open for season four, which I am more than excited to read.

I received an ARC in exchange for a free and honest review.




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