Review of Tremontaine: “Surrounded” by Joel Derfner

36286362Tremontaine: “Surrounded” by Joel Derner. Season three, episode 12.

“Surrounded” may very well be my favorite episode of season three. Unless episode thirteen pulls out some really spectacular moves, that is.

The action of “Surrounded” centers around an attack on Rafe’s school.  The university students who’ve been graffiti his walls and breaking his windows have all gotten together and gotten drunk. And they decide it’s time to take more direct action. In short order, Rafe, Joshua, and all seven of their pupils are trapped inside the schoolhouse with a mob outside.

“Surrounded” has excitement and a sense of immediate danger to it. Rafe is not the sort of character I’d pick to have in a fight, but he deals fairly well with the crisis. Better than I might have expected. Another thread running through the episode is Rafe realizing he’s not a great teacher. This isn’t super surprising. Being knowledgeable on a subject and having a passion for it don’t necessarily translate to being able to get others to share that knowledge and passion. I actually wonder how many of Rafe’s teachers are good at the teaching side of things. As much as I love Micah, I can’t see her as being a great teacher.

Speaking of Micah, we don’t see her this episode. But in a way not seeing her is significant? The narrative lets us know that Micah over hears a particular conversation, and oh dear. I don’t want to say too much because of spoilers, but I’m really worried about this. I need to see Micah next episode.

Back to the topic of Rafe’s school, I’m glad to get Charlotte’s perspective again. As always, it’s nice to see her view of Rafe and his school. She shows quite a bit of daring in this episode, and I love how she’s a leader of the other students. As I said before, I hope she continues to play a role in the supporting cast come season four.

We finally get a resolution on the trading monopoly subplot. All in all, I don’t know how interesting I’ve found this subplot. It has given Kaab a chance to grow as a character, but it’s also kept her fairly isolated from the rest of the cast. I’m more interested in the mystery of her aunt’s death. While we’ve learned a little bit about that, there’s still a lot left to be dealt with.

Oh, and we’ve got a scheme of Diane’s coming to fruition. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while folks, and it finally pays off! Diane, you genius. Still, I don’t know how this goes towards what Diane talked about with Esha in the last episode, and how Diane needs to stop playing the game entirely. Because she is still playing. I think there’s a part of Diane that enjoys her feud, and she might not be wholly committed to ending it.

And I think Esha’s right. Diane needs to end things, especially sense the people around her are still suffering from it.

I received an ARC in exchange for a free and honest review.



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