Babylon’s Ashes Read Along Part Two

This week in the Babylon’s Ashes read along, we’re covering chapters fourteen through twenty-seven. I’m responsible for the questions of the week, and if you want to go join in, check over on the Goodreads group. To see my previous posts in the series, check the tag. Beware of spoilers.

1. So far we’ve gotten POVs from Namono, Pa, Filip, Holden, Salis, Clarissa, Dawes, Avasarala, Prax, Alex, Naomi, Jakulski, Fred, and Bobbie. Do you have any favorites? Least favorites? Of the characters who’s POVs we haven’t gotten yet in Babylon’s Ashes, who do you most want to see?

My least favorites so far are Salis and Jakulski. I guess it’s important that we get a glimpse into the slow zone… both they’re both so forgettable.

My favorites are hard to pick. I liked getting to see from Dawes and Fred’s perspectives. They’re characters that have been around forever, so I loved getting into their heads. I also loved getting Avasarala, Naomi, and Bobbie again.

As for who I’d want to see… It might be fun to get Amos’s perspective again, but I don’t know what he’d add plot wise. Hmm. I feel like we’ve got most of the major players covered.

2. Marco’s left Ceres. Is this a smart move? Is he abandoning the people of the Belt? And what do you think has happened to Dawes?

Marco can find all the ways to legitimize it he wants, but it’s still a self serving move. He claims he’s doing all this for the Belt, and then he leaves six million Belters with only enough supplies to keep them alive for two weeks? Dude. That’s not serving the Belters. That’s serving yourself.

I’m really curious as to where Dawes is at. There’s no way he’s on Marco’s side anymore, but he’s smart enough to keep his head down and avoid Fred.

3. Pa’s got a temporary truce of sorts with the OPA. Do you think accepting her supplies is the moral thing to do, or is it condoning piracy? And who do you think fired on Pa when she was with the Rocinante?

I mean. Yes, it’s technically condoning piracy, but even Avasarala seems to be on board once she realizes it’s preventing innocent people from dying. When you’ve got fifteen billion people about to starve to death, I don’t see any justification for sending supplies out of the system.

I’m wondering if Dawes could have been involved in firing on Pa, but what would his motive be? Maybe it’s some Marco supporters hidden among the people on Ceres. I don’t know who did it, and I’m wondering if it will become relevant later.

4. Filip appears to be having some unusual feelings. Do you think he’s any closer this week to edging towards redemption?

Hmmm. Maybe. I think it’s building to a possible redemption. It’d still take a lot to get me on board though.

Clearly, Filip is subconsciously beginning to realize that something is wrong and that he may have messed up (understatement of the year). But it’s not at a conscious level yet, and he still worships his father.

5. Prax’s home is unofficially being occupied by the Free Navy, and he went and sent potentially lifesaving information to Earth. Do you think this is going to come back to hurt him?

I hope not, but I’m scared it will. The entire time afterwards, I was all tensed up, waiting for the Free Navy to break down his door.

For all that, I think Prax did the right thing. And it sounds like he was influenced by Holden’s videos! Maybe they’ll make things better after all.


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  1. imyril says:

    I sort of thought that Nemesis Games would be a terribly hard act to follow and that Babylon’s Ashes might feel like a letdown – I’m so glad that’s not the case. Between the multitude of POVs and the oscillating politics, I’m absolutely gripped.

    1. I’m not loving it quite as much as Nemesis Games, but I wouldn’t call it a let down.

  2. tethyanbooks says:

    I feel like there must have been some other way to show us what’s happening at Medina than a few one-off chapters of people we don’t care about. On the other side, I really liked seeing Fred’s perspective!

    I love Holden’s video series idea (it reminds me a bit of the ‘Humans of New York’ series). It looks like people on Earth are picking it up, too, and adding their stories!

    1. Yeah, and is what’s happening on Medina that important? *grumble*

      But yes, I liked seeing Fred’s perspective and Holden’s video project too.

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