Review of Tremontaine: “Every Face a Forgery” by Paul Witcover

Tremontaine: “Every Face a Forgery” by Paul Witcover. Season three, episode five.

Lots happens in today’s episode!

Rafe has some successes with his school; he’s found a possible building. He’s also realizing that Florian has got some issues. However, I don’t think Rafe yet has any clue of the depth and breadth of Florian’s “issues.” Like seriously, that dude has a murder fetish. I’m all for Rafe dumping him, if a bit worried about how Florian may react (I could see him being violent as a result). I’m also not really down for a Florian redemption arc, and I’m hoping the season doesn’t end up going there.

Kaab continues to struggle with her role as the leader of the Balem. To be honest, I’m not finding this subplot super interesting. I’ve always liked Kaab best when she’s been interacting with other central characters like Diane, Micah, Rafe or Vincent. This season has basically seen Kaab operating on her own or with her family members, not having much to do with the rest of the main cast. Also, there’s been no development on the “Kaab’s aunt was murdered” front, and I want to know what’s going on there!

Honestly, what’s got me most interested this episode is the rivalry of Diane and Davenant. After the break in of last episode, he’s got the ledger back. Diane has super underestimated him. Sure, she doesn’t need the ledger at the moment, since she’s already used it to become Duchess. But now she doesn’t have it in reserve, and Davenant’s planning his next move. Looks like he’s going to go through Rafe’s school to get at Diane. I don’t see how this could possibly make Diane feel beaten or willing to marry him, but I’m excited about this plot line. A tug of war between Diane and Davenant with Rafe in the middle? Sure to be fun.

On other topics, I continue to love Diane and Micah’s friendship. I think Diane shows a side of herself to Micah that she doesn’t let anyone else see. Although she’s warming up to Esha considerably… then again, stronger language than “warm” may be called for when it comes to Diane’s feelings towards Esha.

Let’s see, what else… Tess is in need of a new protector. I have no idea who this could possibly be. At this point, I’m thinking it’ll be someone we haven’t met yet, since Tess has run through our sword fighters fairly quickly. I don’t see Kaab or Vincent coming back into the picture (yet, anyway), and Reza’s turned down the job. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any candidates we already know.

That’s all I’ve got to say on “Every Face a Forgery”! I’ll be back next week with my review of episode six.


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