Nemesis Games Read Along Part One

Nemesis Games may be shaping up to be my favorite Expanse book yet…

This post marks the beginning of the Nemesis Games read along. There’s still time to join up if you’re interested, so mosey on over to the Goodreads group if that’s the case. This week covers the very beginning of the book through to the end of chapter twelve. Questions are provided by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow, and spoilers follow under the cut.

1. The story takes a pretty sharp turn from any of the previous sorts of narratives, by dividing up the Roci crew and (finally!) giving us the POVs of Naomi, Alex and Amos, as well as Holden. What do you think of this twist? Are you enjoying a particular POV more than the rest, so far?

I am so happy about this! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I realized we were getting POVs of all the crew members. It may make Nemesis Games my favorite Expanse book yet.

As for who’s my favorite — it’s a toss up between Amos and Naomi. Amos has one of the most distinctive personalities, and I want to know more about who Lydia was to him. I don’t think we’ll get this information, but I’ve enjoyed the brief glimpses we have gotten about his past. Also, I think we’re going to see Clarissa again, which is something I totally wouldn’t have predicted.

As for Naomi, we’ve always known she’s got an interesting backstory, but we’ve gotten barely any hints as to what it was. How does a top grade engineer come to be working on an ice freighter? I can believe that she was involved in an extremist fraction of the OPA that she parted ways with. Before this book, I wouldn’t have predicted that she had a son, but by the time it was officially revealed, I wasn’t completely surprised.

I have liked seeing Bobbie again in Alex’s sections! And I have no idea why those mercenary/gang types were after him.

2. Holden, meanwhile, has to tackle the mystery of some disappearing ships, without the rest of his crew. Do you have any theories about the disappearances, and how do you think Holden will handle flying solo on this one?

Holden doesn’t seem like the “flying solo” sort of guy. Sure, he’ll occasionally go off on possible suicide missions, but that’s one scene out of the entire book. The rest of the time, he’d a lot more dependent on the people around him. Miller was more of the solo type.

I’d agree that pirates is a logical explanation, but I want there to be more mysterious alien stuff. I’m all about those aliens.

3. Before leaving the Rocinante, Naomi raises the point that it might be time they considered expanding the crew. Do you think she’s right?

I think it’s a good point. She’s right that they’re courting disaster. I really don’t want anything to happen to any of the crew, and I’m also worried about how a new character could shift the dynamics… but I think it’d be better to add a few more people. And hey, maybe one of them could be another woman.

My last thought is that all four of these plotlines are going to converge somehow, probably something to do with the missing ships and the Ring. But at the moment, I don’t know how everything will fit together.


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  1. i loved that book. i read it in like, a day and a half, and i’m a mom of three kids. the plot was great and perfect. when the pov began changing, i was disappointed, thinking the author just wanted to prolonge the story, but wow, was i surprised. I don’t think i’m qualified to join the group seeing that i’ve already finished reading it?

    1. If you wanted to read it a second time, you could join in! I’ve done rereads with this group before. And I’m glad to hear you really liked Nemesis Games!

      1. We’ve got a Goodreads forum where we post the questions for each week and all link to our posts on Sundays. We take turns coming up with questions for each of the four weeks — for instance, I’ll be making questions for the very end of Nemesis Games.

  2. imyril says:

    This is my favourite first act since Caliban’s War – I have all my favourite people narrating the story to me, and it’s taken a pause to actually look at who they are and were – I’m so happy.

    …but it would be nice if the problem were aliens, wouldn’t it? Just for once (without humans pulling their strings).

    1. Yep, this series has always had humankind be the ultimate baddie.

  3. tethyanbooks says:

    I’m also in favor of aliens being involved with the missing ships. We’ll see! So far, it seems very likely that this will be my favorite book yet, too.

  4. I think it was Allie who floated the idea that Bobbie ought to join the Roci crew, and I have to say the more I think about it, the more I like the idea. She really was a fantastic gunner, and her scene in that role on the Rocinante was EPIC. She would also be another woman on the crew, and she’s already a favourite character of mine, so really she’s ticking all the boxes I can think of. 😀

    1. Oh, wait. It was Anna, not Allie. My bad!

    2. I would love Bobbie to join the crew! It’d be so wonderful.

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