Abaddon’s Gate Read Along Part Two

Wow, so much happened this week that I’m not sure I can process it all.

But backing up, let’s get through the weekly house keeping before we dive into the fun stuff. This is the second part of Abaddon’s Gate in our read along of The Expanse series, and you should check the tag for prior posts in this series. This week covers Chapters 13 to 26, and I was responsible for this week’s questions. This read along involves spoilers (particularly this week!), so read on with caution.

After two books that built mystery on top of mystery, we finally get some answers. What revelation excites you the most?

I can’t get over the fact that Miller’s basically like an AI now? So apparently there was some ancient, super computer with godlike powers that ruled galaxies and the protomolecule is the smallest remnants of it.

It seems like the intelligence behind everything is either dead or sleeping (which one?) and there’s only a sliver functioning on auto-pilot, basically. Unfortunately for humanity, that sliver is still enough to do some real damage. Then again, it’s sort of the Martian marines fault for wading in guns blazing. It’s a good thing he threw that grenade, not just left it somewhere or rolled it slowly.

Was Holden right to head off on his own? And how do you think he’ll fare now that he’s been captured by the Martians? And is his crew still alive?

Well, apparently Holden is sort of special. If what I got from “Miller” is correct, than they have some sort of map of or connection to his brain that they don’t have for most other people. So he’s basically the only one the protomolecule can contact directly. And all this because Miller thought Holden was a good guy…

I think Holden’s going to get roughed up a bit. I can’t see him dying; if a protagonist dies, it’s usually towards the end of the book, if not the series. I’m sure he’ll survive somehow.

And similar logic leads me to believe that the crew is still alive. In fiction, if I don’t see a body, I don’t believe anyone’s dead. Especially when their major characters who have supposedly died offpage.

That said, if they’re dead I’m going to be super upset.

On a related note, how do you feel about the new POV characters now? Are you warming to any?

I’m still pretty ambivalent on Bull, although I think I may be gaining some respect for him. He’s choosing to take responsibility and stay around to help others even when he’ll pay a personal cost.

I’m definitely warming to Ana. I think she handled herself as best as could be expected given the hellish situation on Thomas Prince. And going after Melba by herself like that! It’s rash, but I think she realizes there’s no one else they can spare. I’m really looking forward to Melba and Ana facing off, though I’m a bit nervous for Ana’s sake.

As for Melba, she’s proving herself to be a lot less of a competent villain than she was at first sight. She’s screwed up a lot since then. I don’t have any strong feelings towards her (not even hatred), so I don’t know how effective of a villain she is.

Do you think Earth and Mars will agree to the OPA’s plan? Do you think they’ll be stuck forever in this weird starless place or will they get back home?

I think Earth and Mars will come around. Artificial gravity is a big incentive. Honestly, I foresaw them making use of the Behemoth and it made me super excited! It seems like a really cool ship, and I want to see what it’s like when it’s turning. Plus, I like the idea of the characters being in one place.

Oh, and do you think that destroyer of worlds, strange darkness is still out there

Definitely. I think we just discovered a plotline that will take us to the end of the series. But if a massive galactic empire couldn’t defeat it, what hope does our solar system have?

I’m so ready for next week.


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  1. imyril says:

    It would definitely feel like a bit of a waste to know there was a godlike destructive power out there and have it be no more than noises off – although I sort of like the idea, if fear of / respect for it triggered a sufficiently interesting set of responses.

    I’m intrigued by the fact Miller is not Miller but sort of is Miller and isn’t necessarily consistent (he doesn’t even necessarily have full recall from one appearance to the next). It’s all a bit random, but that’s one of the things I like best about the Expanse – for all the things that feel familiar, there’s things I can’t see coming.

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