Review of Bookburners: “All in a Day’s Work” by Brian Frances Slattery

Bookburners: “All in a Day’s Work” by Brian Francis Slattery. Season Three: Episode 4.

It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to avoid some spoilers for season two and some prior episodes. Just read with caution, all right?

Ashanti’s decided to test the limits in this newest episode of Bookburners, the serialized urban fantasy series from Serial Box. She and the newly formed Team Four cautiously embark on a magical venture, using a book to bring out a “servant” to paint the wall of an apartment. Everything is planned and risk is minimized. What could go wrong? Well, apparently the building’s not “up to code,” so the servant brings some friends to keep on working… and they don’t stop when Ashanti tells them too. Uh oh.

Ashanti, why! I might be annoyed with her for this, but it was fairly obvious she was going to try something soon. The entire series she’s been in an antagonistic relationship with Team Three’s stated mission, and an outright revolt is overdue, if anything. But still! She ought to have known that things could go wrong, and she risked the lives of everyone in the building. Plus, Team Three is more than a little suspicious of her, since she’s able to give them information about the new magical out break quite quickly.

Oh, and when Team Three goes in? Hannah shows up again. I’ve danced around the subject in previous reviews, but I think that’s lasted as long as it can. She’s clearly a major force in the season, and she’s already proven to be deadly. What is she up to? What’s her end game? Why was she helping Menchú here? She keeps trying to get them to trust her… but I think Menchú will be cautious. He knows what she’s capable of. Anyway, I’m going to be watching Hannah closely as the season progresses.

I liked how the servants add to what we learned last season, about the situation being more complex than just “demons.” The things Ashanti releases aren’t “demons,” they’re “servants.” How many groups of these creatures are there? And do they live in the same world? The questions pile up.

This episode was more of a stand alone than some others this season. It’s got a very old school Bookburners vibe. You know, when someone opens a book and the team has to go in. Except, this time there’s no Grace and the team’s relationships have frayed. It makes me nostalgic for season one. I have to have faith that Grace and Team Three will eventually find their way back together.

I received an ARC in exchange for a free and honest review.


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