Abaddon’s Gate Read Along Part One

The Expanse Read Along continues with book three, Abaddon’s Gate! For my prior posts in this read along, check the tag. To see everyone else’s posts and even join in the discussion yourself, head over to the Goodreads group. This week’s questions are by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow and cover from the prologue through Chapter 12. As always, there are spoilers under the cut.

1. This time around the prologue shows us what became of The Thing That Abandoned Venus. Any ideas about what the purpose of the Ring might be?

It’s a portal.

Look, I’ve read lots of science fiction. When something goes in one side and doesn’t come out the other, I know it’s being transported someplace else. I bet that Ring is connected to something on the other side, the home of the people who made the protomolecule.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this at all. I was assuming that The Expanse series would stay firmly within our own solar system, but now I’m questioning that assumption.


2. New book means new characters! Do any of these newcomers stand out to you at this point? If so, who and why?

I miss Bobbie and Avasarala! I hadn’t realized they wouldn’t be in this book. I wonder if they’ll be returning for future books…

So far I haven’t latched onto any of the new POV characters. They all do give a different point of view (Ana as a priest and civilian, Bull as an OPA solider, Melba as a child of privilege). What’s most interesting is that for the first time we have a villain as a POV character. So far the antagonists have been mostly shadowy figures or large forces, but this time we’re getting up close and personal.

Although it’s unclear how Melba will impact the characters beyond Holden and his crew. She’s going to wreck his life, and I’m getting worried about the Rocinante family.

3. It looks like bureaucracy is finally catching up to the Rocinante crew. Do you think they’ll actually lose the ship?

Nah. They’ll hang onto it somehow. I have to admit that I don’t know quite how yet. My best guess right now is that they’ll somehow save the day again, and the Martian government will be shamed into backing down.

Then again, I could be wrong. Melba could succeed, and everything could continue to spiral downward.

Oh, and it looks like we might be getting some of Naomi’s backstory! I’m excited about that.


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