Caliban’s War Read Along Part Two

Mysteries await in the second week of the Caliban’s War read along! Check the Goodreads thread for everyone else’s posts and “The Expanse Read Along” tag for my prior posts in this read along. This week covers chapters thirteen to twenty-seven, and questions are provided by Imyril at x+1. Spoilers below the cut!

1) So – lots of character development this week, and not necessarily in a good way. What do you think about Amos and Jim’s behaviour?

Holden, no!

I think Naomi’s right. Holden’s acting more like Miller, and I don’t like it. It especially stood out to me when he killed those UN marines. He didn’t even know who they were! He just shot first and thought later. I’m really hoping he doesn’t go down Miller’s path.

As for Amos, I don’t think his actions in the fight were too unexpected. It seems like him to follow Holden’s lead. Also, I’m glad he’s not dead! Caliban’s War got me for a moment there.

I’m also wondering about Amos’s backstory right now. He seems a lot more emotionally moved by Prax’s quest than we’ve ever seen him. Has he lost a kid? Or was he once a lost child?


2) What do you make of Avasarala’s management style? Do you think Bobbie will go the distance?

I feel for Bobbie! Avasarala is not an easy person to work for, especially given the whole “sleep is for the weak” mentality. But I also think that Avasarala’s used to getting results and that there’s probably a method to her madness.

Oh, and I had not predicted that Soren was a traitor! That plot twist caught me by total surprise. In retrospect, we really got a different side of him through Bobbie’s perspective. He presents one face to Avasarala and then says nasty, sexist things behind her back. While I was surprised, I am sort of hoping this plot twist means we see the end of him.

3) Okay – we’re halfway – time to place our bets. Who do you think is behind the situation on Ganymede? What do you think they are trying to achieve?

I bet that Julie’s dad is somehow involved. Sure, he claims innocence, but Avasarala thinks he knows something he’s not saying.

I really doubt Fred’s involved. I agree with Naomi — this isn’t his MO.

As for what they’re trying to achieve, I bet money comes into it. Manufacturing new weapons? Selling body modifications? I really think the motivation is to get rich.

4) Is it dead? Do you think putting it out an airlock was the right decision? (…although if you can think of any better ideas, I’m all ears)

Uh, I’m really hoping that thing wasn’t Mei.

Hear me out: so a mysterious group with a hidden laboratory is kidnapping children with immune deficiencies. I’m guessing because they may be more susceptible to the protomolecule. Out of the same laboratory comes a strange monster. Which is mentioned as being small…

I really think that thing was one of the missing kids. If I’m right, blasting it out of the airlock right away may not have been the best course. At least not before they tried talking to it.

That also leaves the question: how much of the kid might be left in there? Are their memories and personality intact or is it all protomolecule now?

Do you agree or disagree with this theory?


One Comment Add yours

  1. nrlymrtl says:

    Yes, I’m intrigued by Amos’s developing character as well. He definitely seems motivated to help Prax. Canned chicken scene, I’m squinting at you.

    I think you’re right about the protomolecule monster once being a human child… and I also hope it isn’t Mei. After all, it did follow Prax and crew back to the ship – coincidence or was it Mei following her dad?

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