July 2017 SFF Short Fiction Reading Part Two

I’ve been reading more short fiction this week!

“Love Might Be Too Strong a Word” by Charlie Jane Anders

This story was strange. It takes place on an alien spaceship known as the City where sex and gender is very much tied to class and power. The main character is a person of the lowest class (basically like janitors) and has to deal with someone from the highest class (pilot) insisting be has fallen in love with ym.

“The Psychometry of Snow” by Nathan Burgoine

This story ended up being so sweet! The narrator has these psychic abilities where he hears the history of every object he touches. When he was younger, he was completely overwhelmed by the voices and was considered to be “crazy.” He’s fled that life, but then he meets someone who knew him back then.

“How to Piss off a Failed Super Solider” by John Chu

This story was all right but not my favorite from John Chu. The protagonist is a super solider who left the organization that created him. Now his brother’s shown up, saying that their mother is dying and that he can give him a normal life.

“Making the Magic Lightning Strike Me” by John Chu

I liked this story better. It plays with some of the same elements as the previous story, but I think it’s a lot stronger. The protagonist, Charlie, wanted to be… more. He took a job with a secret organization that changed his body, made him taller and more muscular. But Charlie still feels the same way he always did inside. There’s a lot of layers to this story, particularly as to why Charlie is so obsessed about feeling powerful and in control of himself.

“The Life and Times of Angel Evans” by Meredith Debonnaire

This one’s another story that I don’t know how to explain. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. Basically, Angel Evans was prophesied to be important, the person with the potential to save her world. The story takes place largely in the aftermath, when she didn’t save her world and is instead living a grief filled existence in ours.

“The Devil in America” by Kai Ashante Wilson

This story’s dark! The protagonist comes from a family with supernatural powers. Only, the knowledge of how to use those powers was lost when her ancestors were enslaved. Without the knowledge, the powers are too dangerous to use.

Out of all these stories, “Making the Magic Lightning Strike Me” has to be my favorite. Have you read any good short stories recently? Actually, I’m looking for recommendations for queer SFF short stories still (especially time travel or fairy tale retellings), so hit me up if you have suggestions!


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