Leviathan Wakes Read Along Part Four

Welcome to the last post in the read along of Leviathan Wakes. But don’t fear! Leviathan Wakes has won me over, and I’ll be continuing on with the Expanse series.

For prior posts in this read along, please check out “The Expanse Read Along” tag. This section covers Chapter 44 through the end of the book, so spoilers follow.

1. So first off, what do you make of what Miller found inside Eros? 

A) That was hella creepy.


I seriously did not expect Julie to still be alive in any way shape or form. It was a huge twist, and I totally loved it.

I also loved the descriptions of the weird alien environment. The hands crawling around like spiders? It’s spine tingling!

2. Was Miller’s end a noble sacrifice or was it the act of a suicidal man? Is Holden right in wanting Miller to be presented as a person, not a symbol? 

I think it’s a bit of both. While his actions may have stemmed out of a deteriorating mental state, they did ultimately save humanity. But I think Holden needs to let Fred make Miller into a symbol. While the truth might be messier and more complicated, the idea of a Belter sacrificing himself for Earth is a powerful one, and it’s what the solar system needs at the moment.

I’ll admit, I didn’t foresee Miller choosing to stay behind and die on Eros. I thought he was going through some sort of breakdown, especially due to his visions of Julie, but I never thought he’d not survive to the next book. I guess I’m just really not used to POV characters dying.

I’ll also admit that out of the two, I’m glad Holden was the one to make it out alive.

3. Do you believe war between Earth, Mars, and the Belt is inevitable? Will the they achieve peace, even peace for now?

I think there’ll be peace, for a few months or maybe even years. But humanity doesn’t have a great track record of not getting into armed conflict. Sooner or later, there’ll be war again.

4. Do you have any predictions for the next book? Things you want to see more of or find out about?

A) I want more ladies doing plot stuff. From what I’ve been told, I’ll be getting this in book two. Plus, I’m fairly certain that Julie’s going to be important going forward. How can she not be?

B) We’ll see more of the alien virus and Julie. The epilogue mentioned crystal towers on Venus, and I have know idea what that signifies. What is the virus building? I want to learn more about it.

C) There will continue to be conflict between Earth, the Belt, and Mars. I don’t know if there will be open war or only the threat of war.

D) Various groups will be trying to get a hold of Fred’s sample. Maybe it’ll be stolen at some point?

E) I haven’t read the synopsis for the next book, but I’m fairly sure Holden will be returning as a POV character.

Those cover the major points! I wasn’t initially that into Leviathan Wakes, but I got hooked by the plot as the book went on. Sometime in July I’ll be posting my full review of the book. What do you think of Leviathan Wakes? Have you checked out the TV show at all? I want to get further into the books before I start it.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. I agree about the book being slow to hook the reader, but I was so very there by the end that it’s forgivable. 😀

    I’m also holding off on watching the show until I’ve read the books. I just wish it was available on DVD here in the UK (it doesn’t seem to be). I would happily give new SF shows my money…

    1. I found out that seasons one and two are both based off of the first book, so I’ve gone ahead and started watching. So far it doesn’t seem to have departed from the book in any major ways. I’m actually enjoying it a lot.

  2. imyril says:

    I have really enjoyed this ride – the plot hooked me in, and I’m looking forward to see where it spirals next. I’m also looking forward to seeing the show (but I won’t watch it until I get home in August, having finished book 2).

    1. I got hooked too! And I just got a copy of the second book. 🙂

  3. nrlymrtl says:

    Yes! The first time I read this I was so surprised that Julie was alive, even in this alien twisted state.

    So since Julie survived, in a way, being melded with the alien…. do you think there’s a possibility that the same will happen with Miller? Detective Alien Morph, at your service!

    I’ve watched Season 1 of the TV show, The Expanse and it has stuff from Book 2 in it. It’s good but I look forward to finally reading Book 2 so that I get even more of the background for the TV show.

    1. I sort of suspect that we won’t be seeing Miller again. As far as we can tell none of the other people on Eros melded in the same way as Julie.

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