June 2017 SFF Short Fiction Reading Part I

I’ve got an entire folder of bookmarked short stories, but it feels like for everyone I read two more get added! There’s just so many good science fiction and fantasy short stories out there that I never get to as many as I intend. However, I’m certain I’ll be reading more this month. I’m working on a list of queer SFF stories for Queership, and I asked for recommendations on twitter. Before I knew it I had a whole new folder filled to bursting with excellent stories!

“A Lady’s Maid” by Sarah Gailey

I continue to adore Sarah Gailey’s work. Her writing is hilarious! In this story, a Victorian era android decided she needed to reboot her creator. Only know all this red stuff is coming out of him? And can an aspiring lady’s maid rise to the challenges of the evening? This story was simply delightful and reminds me that I desperately need to check out more of Gailey’s shorter work.

“Snow White” by Mikki Kendall

As you can doubtlessly guess from the title, this story is a retelling of “Snow White,” and it’s among the darker ones I’ve read. In this version, the usual fairy tale is deliberately spread by Snow White as propaganda to keep her human subjects in line… As for what Snow herself is, I’m still not quite sure.

“Paradox” by Naomi Kritzer

A time traveler from the future explains that things could really be a whole lot worse. Really, you should be grateful.

“Miss Snowfall” by Sofia Somatar

Apparently this is an excerpt from a novella length work? This science fiction tale is set in a far future, where a religious sect has left the Earth behind.

“Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time” by K.M. Szpara

Andreas didn’t ask Finley before he bit him, and now Finley has a choice: turn or die. If he turns, he’ll be an unauthorized vampire, since he’s never applied for a permit and trans people are never granted one anyway… but even being a vampire is better than death.

“Sun, Moon, Dust” by Ursula Vernon

Ursula Vernon is another author who’s work continues to charm me. In this story, a young man inherits a magical sword from his grandmother, who was once a legendary warrior. Within the sword are three spirits, who will train him to fight. Only, he doesn’t want to be a warrior or go have adventures, and his little farm still needs so much work. And somebody has to keep an eye on the goat!

“The Siren Son” by Tristina Wright

The dragons are destroying the world, but Neal and Killian have the chance to save it.

“Secondhand Bodies” by JY Yang

What a great story! Agatha wants a body that doesn’t gain fat the way her current one does. Her cousin Aloysius says he can hook her up with the newest body creating technology, but she has to agree to sell her current one on the black market. It doesn’t take long for it to become clear that Agatha’s a rather nasty character, much more of an antiheroine than a heroine.

As usual, there’s too many good stories here to choose a favorite! If you had to force me to make a decision, I’d probably go with “A Lady’s Maid,” “Secondhand Bodies,” “Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time,” or “Sun, Moon, Dust…” and at that point it’s hardly a decision at all! What are some of your favorite SFF short stories?




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