The SFF Female Author Project: Week One

This month I will be highlighting female authors who write science fiction and fantasy. It’s remarkable that people still say that women don’t write science fiction or fantasy, but I thought I might as well use it as the chance to highlight some women doing wonderful work within the genres. Let’s begin!

19161852March 1st – N.K. Jemisin

Hopefully you’ve already heard of N.K. Jemisin, who’s currently taking the fantasy book community by storm. She gained quite a bit of popularity for her debut book, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and has since won the Hugo award for her novel The Fifth Season. N.K. Jemisin writes brilliantly imaginative fantasy novels populated with a diverse cast of characters. From epic tales of gods and mortals to a world of constant apocalypses, her creations never fail to wow me.

Recommended starting place: The Fifth Seasona novel about a woman’s quest through a dying world to find her daughter.

1124884March 2nd – Robin McKinley

Robin McKinley is another author you may have heard of. She made her name with the Newberry Award winning young adult fantasy novel, The Hero and the Crown. She’s always been a big proponent of “girls who do things” and continues to craft stories with courageous young women. She has two distinct styles. For her more fairy tale like works, she tends towards very beautiful and lyric prose. For her urban fantasy, she tends to use a first person, stream of consciousness type narration. Even if you don’t enjoy one style, odds are you might like the other.

Recommended starting place: The Hero and the Crown, a young adult fantasy about a dragon slaying princess, or Sunshine, an adult fantasy novel about a woman who discovers her own power when she begins to tangle with vampires.

21466216March 3rd – S. L. Huang

S.L. Huang is an independent author writing the tremendously fun Russell’s Attic series. Cas Russell has a superpower – she’s really, really good at math. But while she might have superpowers, Cas is no superhero. She uses her skills to work as a mercenary, and she doesn’t much care about following the law or restraining herself from killing people who get in her way. But the series includes more character growth than you find in your usual action packed, science fiction thriller, and I love the focus on found family.

Recommended starting place: Zero Sum Gamea fast paced story with an anti-heroic lead

671560March 4th – Lynn Flewelling

Lynn Flewelling is an epic fantasy author who often focuses on themes surrounding sexuality and gender. She’s mainly known for her Nightrunner series, an ongoing fantasy about two thieves who fight against dark forces. The series takes place in a gender egalitarian world where same-sex relationships are completely normal and accepted. The two male protagonists get together in the second book. She’s also written a prequel trilogy to the Nightrunner series, the Tamir Triad, a gender bending story about a hidden heir to the throne.

Recommended starting place: Luck in the Shadowsthe start to a m/m epic fantasy series, or The Bone Doll’s Twin, the start to the prequel epic fantasy trilogy


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Only one I’ve read here is The Fifth Season – agreed on it being a fantastic starting point for readers who want to pick up Jemisin (it was actually my first book by her, though I own a copy of a Hundred Thousand Kingdoms that I really need to get to one of these days…)

    1. I actually liked The Fifth Season way more than Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – that one had too much purple prose when it came to the love interest.

  2. Pyoro says:

    I sometimes have this odd, irrational frustration with female SFF authors who write about male protagonists – there’s already enough of those around written by men.

    Obviously it makes no sense, but, heck. Sometimes I’m weird.

    1. I’ve actually heard other people say the same thing, so it might not be that weird.

  3. Sharlene says:

    Thanks for doing this! I’ve not heard of SL Huang or Lynn Flewelling before!

    1. Yay! I’m glad this has helped you hear about new authors. 🙂

  4. Yay, this is awesome, and a good reminder that I need to try something by SL Huang.

    1. Yeah, her books are a lot of fun!

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