Review of One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron

25635416One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron. ★★★★

I am loving this series so much, and it’s threatening to become on of my all time favorite urban fantasy series. It’s just so much fun! Plus, I love the world and characters. Rachel Aaron is doing truly wonderful work with this series.

One Good Dragon Deserves Another is the second book in the Heartstriker series, which begins with Nice Dragons Finish Last. I would suggest reading the books in order. Don’t worry, both books are fantastic! Forewarning, this review could involve spoilers from the first book.

Julius and Marci are struggling to make their magical pest control business profitable, when Julius is suddenly called upon by his terrifying dragon mother to participate in something he’s spent his entire life avoiding: dragon politics. His mother Bethesda is practically preening at the opportunity for a mating flight between her son Ian and a daughter of the Three Sisters, traditionally the most powerful dragon clan. Julius senses a trap, but there’s no way that Bethesda will listen to him. To make matters worse, Estella, the oldest daughter of the Three Sisters and a seer to boot has turned back up again. And she clearly wants to take out the Heartstriker clan.

Inventive world building is one of the reasons I love speculative fiction, and One Good dragon Deserves Another delivers it in spades. The setting is an intriguing mix of science fiction and fantasy, and I love the dystopian underbelly of the DFZ. This entry to the series builds on the foundations set by the first book, wonderfully expanding the world and making it more interesting than ever.

I continue to like both Julius and Marci. I really enjoy how Julius is just so continually kind and empathetic and how the narrative rewards him for this. The closest comparison I can give is Steven Universe, which is high praise indeed. Marci’s willing to be a bit more morally ambiguous, and One Good Dragon Deserves Another promises some interesting developments for her.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about how much I loved the supporting cast. Out of this installment’s new additions, Amelia was by far my favorite. She’s the oldest of Bethesda’s surviving children and so not what I expected. Chelsie also impressed me in this book. There were some interesting hints to her character in the first book, but she really gets the chance to shine here. Oh, and of course I love Bob, the Julius’s eccentric seer brother. This dysfunctional dragon family is simply marvelous.

I may have liked One Good Dragon Deserves Another even more than the first book. This self published series by Rachel Aaron is one of the best I’ve come across, and it shouldn’t be missed. I can’t wait to dive into book three!

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  1. Loved this one – Julius and Marci are so sweet *melts*

    1. Yes! I love them both so much. ❤

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