Review of The Lost Child of Lychford by Paul Cornell

30197968The Lost Child of Lychford by Paul Cornell. ★★★★

The Lost Child of Lychford is a delightful sequel to the fantasy novella, The Witches of Lychford. While you do not necessarily have to read them in order, I would recommend it.

Lizzie, Judith, and Autumn have overcome the forces of evil that threatened Lychford and have each settled upon their own routine. With Christmas arriving, Lizzie, the parish priest, is increasingly busy when she begins to be haunted. The ghost of the little boy who follows her around may be more complicated than a simple ghost. Yet again, the witches of Lychford will have to protect the town and its residents.

Reading The Lost Child of Lychford is like sitting down with a warm cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. While it’s not particularly groundbreaking, it is a comforting read. Like it’s predecessor, it’s a novella, so it’s a fairly fast read. I enjoy the three central characters, and I find the dialog sparkling.

“Every day,” said Autumn, “you remind me more of the Emperor from Star Wars.”

Judith considered that for a moment. “Nice to finally get a bit of respect,” she decided.

I still really love Judith (how can you not?), but I liked Lizzie and Autumn a lot too. Lizzie was more in the spotlight for this story, and I thought she came off very well. Judith took more of a backseat, although the force of her personality still shines through.

There’s even a few unexpected moments of humor that managed to get me chuckling while I was on a fourteen hour plane flight. This is truly an accomplishment.

These novellas have been terrific, and The Lost Child of Lychford may be one of the best (if the most unusual) Christmas themed books I’ve read. I really hope that Cornell decides to continue the series.



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  1. It’s Christmas themed? Dang, I wish I had known that – I was looking for more Christmas or holiday themed books to read this past December and this one sounds like it would’ve fit the bill nicely. Short and sweet too.

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