SFF Short Reading in November 2016 Week II + General Update

I’m still investigating the treasure trove of free science fiction and fantasy short stories available online. This post will go through some of what I’ve been reading lately in the short story realm and also give a more general blog update.

“The Calendar of Saints” by Kat Howard

In this alternate history tale, a swordswoman represents others in trials by battle. If she wins, her clients are considered divinely proven to be in the right. Then she’s offered a battle with consequences greater than ever before.

“The City Born Great” by N.K. Jemisin

A city is about to be born, and it will need a midwife. The narrator, a homeless young man in New York City, will have to bring the spirt of his city into the world and defend it from predators.

“Forestspirit, Forestspirit” by Bogi Takács

An AI once used as a war machine haunts a forest, shape-shifting from squirrels to leaves to gnats. Then a boy asks the forest spirit for help: the forest is about to be destroyed.

“Seven Cups of Coffee” by A.C. Wise

A woman is hired by a stranger to go back in time and make sure that someone is never born. But soon she regrets the action she took and searches desperately for some way to prevent it.

As for the blog update, you can expect a short hiatus in the near future. I’ve got a review scheduled for Tuesday and one more I need to write, but after that I have quite a bit of reading I need to do. I usually read books pretty quickly, but I’ve been working on Sea of Sorrows by Michelle West. It’s an over 800 page epic fantasy novel that will probably take me at least another week to finish.


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  1. Glaiza says:

    I’ve read Forestspirit, Forestspirit and enjoyed it. I might pick up Seven Cups of Coffee at some point.

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