Review of Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

22299763Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. ★★★★

There are two things I really love: fantasy settings and heist stories. So when it comes to fantasy heist stories, I’m obviously primed to enjoy them. And wow, has this series been great.

Crooked Kingdom is the sequel to Six of Crows, which you absolutely must read first. There’s really no way for me to avoid spoilers for the first book if I’m going to talk about the plot of this one, so be forewarned. If you aren’t familiar with the series, but a YA fantasy heist story sounds like it’d be your thing, go read Six of Crows.

After being double-crossed by their sponsor, Kaz Brekker’s crew is out to get what’s owed to them and to rescue a kidnapped crew member. They are outmanned and outgunned and there’s dangerous new enemy roaming the city, hunting grisha. It will take all of their daring and skills to come out on top.

Crooked Kingdom took me forever to read. I’ve been having some anxiety issues, which did not do well with such a twisty, high stakes plot. While I really loved the book, I had to keep putting it down and waiting until I felt calmer to come back to it because I was getting so stressed out! I think it’s a testament to how deeply I was invested in the characters.

Crooked Kingdom has such a strong cast of characters. I really loved each of the six members of the core team, and I never once got them confused or forgot who they were. They’re all distinct individuals who have such great chemistry together. It even managed to get me to care about the romantic relationships, which is not usually something that interests me much.

I didn’t realize until after I finished Crooked Kingdom that this was the last book in the series and that there wouldn’t be a third. While it does wrap everything up, I love this world and these characters enough that I really hope Leigh Bardugo decides to come back to them someday. I feel like there are plenty of strands that could be picked up for future books. In sum, this book and this series have just been so much fun. It’s the kind of book I’d like to read more of.


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  1. I actually liked that it was a duology, but I wouldn’t mind if she wrote more books set in this world either. I’ve read the Grisha trilogy as well, and it’s cool to see how the times have changed and evolved, even when the two series have little to do with each other. If she does something similar with a future project, that would be awesome too.

    1. I actually liked this duology a lot better than the Grisha trilogy. I actually only read books 1 and 2 of that and never bothered to get around to the third.

      1. Probably just as well! I thought the trilogy went downhill after book 1, and book 3 was my least favorite :\

  2. Can’t wait to read this! I was pleased it was a duology just because it was great to have the second book come out right after I read the first one, and know that I was going to get a complete story. I have been informed of some important spoilers which I am glad to know about so that I can avoid feeling attached to, uh, certain plot developments. :p

    1. Ohhh I think I know what you’re talking about, I wasn’t as upset as some people, but it did feel very random.

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