Review of After Atlas by Emma Newman

28361265After Atlas by Emma Newman. ★★★★

After Atlas is a novel set in the same universe as Newman’s stellar science fiction novel, Planetfall. However, the two books are completely distinct and can be read independently. In fact, After Atlas is actually a mystery novel in addition to a science fiction story.

After Atlas presents a very dark vision of the future. Democracy has failed, and the world is ruled by hybrid government/corporations – govcorps. Carlos Moreno, who’s mother left aboard the spaceship Atlas, had the misfortune of being rounded up and sold as a debt slave. For the next thirty years, he’ll belong to the Ministry of Justice, where he works as a detective. But a new case threatens the fragile boundaries he’s constructed to preserve his mental state. His uncle, Alejandro Casales, and leader of a religious cult has been found dead in a hotel room, and Carlos will be forced to examine his past.

One of my most constant thoughts while reading After Atlas was “wow, Carlos’s life sucks.” I’m not going to say too much here since a large part of the novel lies in you gradually finding out just how bad everything really is, but this is a seriously dark read. Oh, and then about 70% of the way through things get even worse. It felt like my heart dropped down into my stomach.

I say that the connection between Planetfall and After Atlas is tenuous, but one of the connecting themes is mental health. Carlos most definitely has mental health issues. He’s been under immense and constant stress his entire life and is constantly having to carefully regulate his emotions so that he doesn’t get sent for “reconditioning” by the Ministry. I’m no expert, but I’d guess he has PTSD.

While I feel like the ending was a completion to the story, I would love to see a continuation. I think there’s still room for more of Carlos’s story, and I would like to see how his character develops.

While I don’t think After Atlas reaches quite the heights of Plantfall, it is still a very strong science fiction novel. If you’re willing to venture into a dark future, this is a book I’d recommend.

I received an ARC of After Atlas from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Sounds great – I’m really looking forward to reading this. Emma Newman’s really grown on me since doing the read along for her Split Worlds series.

    1. Have you read Planetfall yet?

      1. I have – and I had mixed feelings about the ending. I know this is a stand alone follow up but I do hope it will give some clues as to WTF happened at the end there, though your comment about the link being tenuous will prepare me not to expect it.

      2. Yeah, there’s absolutely no connection to the end of Planetfall.

        A friend I loaned the book to interpreted the ending as a suicide, which honestly didn’t occur to me. Maybe as a regular SFF reader I’m primed to believe that the narrator really was ascending to a higher lifeform? I think I’ll stick with my interpretation, but her’s was interesting. It’s also one I haven’t seen discussed.

  2. Ooh, I do like a mystery! It’s been a while since I read Planetfall so I can’t remember — is this the same world that book takes place on, in a different sort of time period, or is it a totally different space colony?

    1. It actually takes place on Earth, about forty years after the ship that carried the Planetfall settlers departed. The main character’s mother was a voyager on Atlas who left him behind as a baby on Earth.

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