The Cloud Roads Read Along Part 4

Welcome to week four of the read along of Martha Wells’s The Cloud Roads. This is the last section in the read along, covering from Chapter 16 to the end of the book. For my prior posts in the read along, visit the “Raksura Read Along” tag.

There’ll probably be a break for a while before we start on book two, The Serpent Sea, and the schedule for it is still up in the air. I’ll make a post to announce when the dates are set, but anyone’s welcomed to join in once it starts.

Spoilers are below the cut.

All has been revealed! Any thoughts on the cross breed Fell? What about the Fell in general? What do you think of them as villains?

The Fell basically seem like an embodiment of evil. This makes them extremely threatening, but I think also makes them some of the less nuanced villains I’ve encountered. Although, there were some hints that the rulers might care about each other to some extent, or at least Moon began to suspect so towards the end.

Do you think Moon made the right decision staying with Jade? Do you think he’ll grow accustomed to court life?

I think Moon made the right decision. As for whether or not he’ll grow accustomed to court life, I think the court will also need to become accustomed to him. However, after he’s helped them overcome the Fell threat, I think he’s been largely accepted (although River may still be a jerk, it’s yet to be seen).

Do you have any thoughts on the series’s take on gender roles?

The series does seem to be flipping gender roles, at least when it comes to Raksuran queens and consorts. There doesn’t seem to be much if differences in gender expectation for the warriors and the abora.

I think it’s also a way for Moon to be yet more of an anomaly. We haven’t seen any other consorts, but we’re told they’re usually considered sheltered and delicate. Moon is anything but, and he has to deal with the court expectations when he doesn’t even really know what those expectations are.

What were your favorite/least favorite things about the book?

I just really love all of the character moments. The first time I read The Cloud Roads, I had difficulty connecting with the characters and remembering who they all are. Then sometime around book three something clicked for me and I feel in love with them. So it’s been pretty great to go back to the beginning of the series and experience the book in a new light.




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