The Cloud Roads Read Along Part 3

Welcome to week three of the read along of Martha Wells’s The Cloud Roads. This week covers Chapters 11 through 15. For my prior posts in the read along, visit the “Raksura Read Along” tag. Questions for this week are provided by Anya. As always, there are spoilers below the cut.

Things between Pearl and Jade are getting even more tense. Do you think Pearl is lying about Jade using Moon? How do you think this conflict will end?

Ahhh, I’ve read the later books in this series already! I don’t want to say too much here, but what are the facts? Pearl’s already made it clear that she wants to get rid of Moon, and she’s been shifty practically this entire book. Moon’s got a ton of trust issues, so he’s likely to at least partly buy into anything she claims. The main question is whether or not he’ll stick around long enough to get Jade’s side of the story.

We found out a lot about Moon’s past with the Fell. What do you think of Kathras’ statement that the Fell would have loved Moon?

The whole situation is majorly creepy. It does sound like the Fell are after Moon, so I can only hope that he stays out of their clutches.

Speaking of Fell, it sounds like they have some strange powers that haven’t been seen before. What do you think is going on there?

Since I’ve read the book before, I’ll stay silent on this one. But I’d love to see everyone else’s speculations.

The Fell poison seems like the last chance Moon has of saving Indigo Cloud. Do you think it’ll work? How do you think the final conflict will play out?

I don’t actually remember what Indigo Cloud does to try and rescue the rest of the court. The main problem I see with the poison is getting the Fell to take it. The river is guarded, so it sounds like that option’s out. They could try fighting the guard, but then wouldn’t the Fell be warned? I have no idea.


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