The Cloud Roads Read Along Part 2

Welcome to week 2 of the read along of The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells. This week covers chapters 6-10, and questions are provided by Lisa. Beware of spoilers beneath the cut!

1. So the situation with Pearl isn’t what some thought it was: her actions were risky, but maybe not so traitorous. Still, the Fell are proving to be smarter and deadlier than even she thought. In hindsight, do you think she was doing the right thing?

I think she should have told other people her plans from the get go. Instead she was all secretive and as a result got blamed and mistrusted. So much could have been cleared up if she’d just shared her thoughts with someone!

She’s not traitorous, but Pearl’s definitely got personality issues.

2. The revelation that the Fell are apparently becoming endangered in the same way the Raksura are is something to consider, for all that they’re still an immediate threat. Do you think they can possibly be negotiated with, or are they simply The Evil Villains in this story?

Oh I think I’ve read to much of this series to answer that question!

3. Do you think Moon might stick to his stubborn ways regarding his future with the Raksura, or will he accept his ‘intended’ place among them as a consort? And if so, what do you think of his potential relationship with Jade?

I won’t say too much here, since I don’t want to go into territory not yet covered by our read along, but Moon and Jade both strike me as incredibly awkward when it comes to the possibilities of a relationship. Moon’s obviously just a ton of trust issues, but Jade herself admits that she has no idea what she’s doing.

4. Major plot points aside, there were also a lot of character-building scenes in these chapters. Let’s discuss personal highlights! What stood out as the most interesting parts this week?

I liked the visit with the Golden Islanders, especially Delin and Niran and their different reactions to the Raksura. Delin’s curious, and Niran’s convinced their dangerous. Yet for all that he stays behind with them to try and save his family’s boat. I want to see how his character arc progresses.

I’m enjoying Moon and Chime. I think they’ve both got a sense of being out of place – Moon for the obvious reasons, and Chime because he used to be a mentor but is now a warrior.

Chime whispered harshly, “I don’t want a stuck-up consort from Star Aster acting as if he’s condescending to do us a huge favor. I want you.”

Moon rolled over and sat up. He leaned over Chime and hissed, “You’re not going to get me.”

There’s some background moments with the other Raksura being cute too.

Root landed lightly on the cabin roof and folded his wings. Sounding embarrassed, he said, “Jade threw me off the other boat. Can I stay here with you?”

“No,” Chime snapped.

“If you’re quiet,” Moon told him

Root shifted to groundling and curled up on Chime’s other side, despite Chime’s hissing at him. Moon wasn’t sure if Jade was fed up with Root or just fed up with male Raksura in general.

I still have some trouble keeping track of more minor Raksura characters like Root and Song, but it doesn’t have much impact on my enjoyment of the book.

Jade strikes me as acting more confident and certain than she really is. I don’t no exactly how Raksura ages work, but Jade’s clearly on the young side for a queen. I think she feels a lot of pressure to be reliable with everything that’s going on with Pearl.

I’m still loving Stone. I find his particular brand of gruff sarcasm wonderful, and he has some great lines.

And of course, I’m still feeling sympathy for Moon. I want him to find a place where he feels like he belongs. How much of the difficulty will lie in those around him and how much with his own insecurities is hard to determine.


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