The Republic of Thieves Read Along Part 6

Welcome to the very last week of The Republic of Thieves read along. This week goes from Interlude (An Inconvenient Patron) to the very end of the book. Questions for this week are provided by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow. As always, there are spoilers beneath the cut.

“Your friends … They sort of look to you to hold them together, don’t they?”

As Jenora observed in the last section, Jean is more than just a straight man for the Gentleman Bastards. And as I’ve recently realized, the proper title of this series is Gentleman Bastard – singular. Does anyone else ever wonder if there’s more in store for Jean Tannen than just a supporting role…?

I’m guessing that you’re saying that Jean is the heart of the group, the one who holds everyone else together? Or, at least that used to be true. Now there’s not much of a group for him to hold together. Locke, however, does seem to require a lot of minding.

I’m not sure what else this question is asking. I don’t see anyone supplanting Locke’s role as protagonist, but Jean’s easily the second most important character.

After our speculation about it last week, we finally get to see all of the Bastards working together, toward the same goals, with no serious arguments to impede them. (Alas, only once and in the past!) What are your thoughts on how the play and Boulidazi’s final disposal are handled?

It was probably the best part of the entire book. The Republic of Thieves has been short on grand plans compared to the previous two books, so it was wonderful to finally see our protagonists running around and trying to pull something off.

“That poor man,” said Sabetha. “So nearly victimized by unscrupulous relic thieves.”
“We rejoice at his deliverance,” said Locke.

Cheeky bastard. So Locke’s final, grand gesture plays out in typical style, and even Sabetha fell for it… How do you feel about the way the election played out? And given everything that follows, do you have any thoughts on what it’ll all mean for Karthain in future?

I bet those refugees who fled to Karthain might decide to relocate again. Wow, that’s going to be such a mess. Karthain practically has a target painted on its back.

A tie is a pretty good solution, since I think it helps establish Locke and Sabetha as equals. You don’t want Locke to lose outright, but you need to see that Sabetha is as good as the book’s been telling us. Plus, I think either of them might be too proud to lose outright to the other.

“She had to choose. I gave her information that led to a choice.”

Patience strikes again – as does the Really Important Question where this book is concerned. Do you think what she showed Sabetha, and everything it implies, the truth or a lie? Or both? And what do you make of Sabetha’s reaction either way?

Didn’t we see in one of the intersects that another of the bondsmagi suspect she’s telling the truth? If the bondsmagi she claims Locke is really did exist, I think it goes a long ways towards suggesting that at least part of her claims were real. As for how it relates to Sabetha… regardless of the dead wife in a past life thing, I think Locke’s obsession with Sabetha has to do with who she is and how similar her personality is to his own.

Regarding Sabetha’s reaction, I think she probably just wanted out at that moment. My guess is that she’ll have some regrets once she recovers herself.

“YOU did this to me…”

Dun dun DUNNNN! The Falconer is back, and he’s not wasting any time getting his old self put back together – literally or figuratively… Let’s have your thoughts on the final confrontation with Patience. And, if you have them, theories/predictions for what might come next…

My thoughts can be summed up as: this is really, really bad. The Falconer is out for vengeance, and I don’t think Locke and Jean will be as successful against him a second time.

As for Patience, she was a piece of work, but I’m sort of sorry to see her go.

And, of course, any other thoughts/theories/ponderances you might have on anything I missed!

I have the feeling that The Republic of Thieves is setting up for events farther down the series. We have the questions regarding Locke’s backstory, the weird scene with Bug, the reappearance of the Falconer, the disappearance of the bondsmagi, the hints at what became of the Elders, the introduction of Sabetha and Locke’s relationship. At least some of this is going to come up again.

I would say that I enjoyed The Republic of Thieves less on reread. It felt a lot slower paced than the previous two books, and the stakes were less high. There wasn’t as much in the terms of heists or schemes, which tend to be one of my favorite elements of the series. At the same time, I’m really glad I got to see Sabetha and the exploration of the history between her and Locke. The Republic of Thieves ended up feeling a lot more character driven than the previous books because of it.

I’ve already got a review for The Republic of Thieves, but I think I need to update it after this reread.


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