Review of A Little Knowledge by Emma Newman

29065859A Little Knowledge by Emma Newman. ★★★★

A Little Knowledge is my favorite yet in Emma Newman’s Split Worlds series. The series follows a large cast of characters to present a picture of the Split Worlds – the mundane human world, the fey world, and the Nether, the in between space filled with a fey controlled society reminiscent of a bygone age. Each book in the series is a chapter in a greater ongoing story and cannot be read independently. If you are unfamiliar with the series, you need to start with the first book, Between Two Thorns. Spoilers for the preceding three books will follow.

Max is trying to protect the innocents without the backup of a chapter. He’s also come across some information relating to his own past. Cathy is trying to live out her dreams of changing society for the better, but she feels like she’s having no effect at all. Will is thinking that Cathy’s causing too much of a stir and wondering how best to manage her. Sam continues to grow into his role as Lord Iron and to try and make changes to the ethics of his newfound business empire.

I really loved the insight into Max’s backstory, and I think his character arc may be my favorite. He and the gargoyle have really grown on me, and I’m still hoping that Max will be reunited with his soul before the end of the series.

The thing I’ve been most worried about this series is that Will’s actions – particularly using a potion on Cathy to get her to have sex with him – would be ignored or excused. Especially with last book’s assertions that he completely supported Cathy, I was worried that this apparent change of heart would cause everything he’s done to be overlooked. As it turns out, I shouldn’t have worried. Within the very beginning of A Little Knowledge it becomes clear (to the reader at least) just how genuine Will’s change was, and it’s clear that he and Cathy’s relationship isn’t being romanticized.

I’m still not a huge fan of Sam or his plot line. Besides the fact that it’s based off of his wife being frideged, I’m tired of his constant desire to rescue Cathy. It’s like he’s constructed this narrative where he’s the hero rescuing Cathy, the damsel in distress, from Will, the evil villain. To give him some credit, he will remind himself that Cathy’s capable of making her own decisions. I just really hope this isn’t turning into a love triangle.

It was fairly obvious that All Is Fair‘s ending of optimism would face some serious impediments in A Little Knowledge. And, boy, does that come true. There’s so many plot pieces whirling that I’ve got no idea how Emma Newman’s going to wrap everything up in just one book. I can’t wait to find out.

I received an ARC of A Little Knowledge from the Diversion Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. I’m going to come back and give this a more thorough read once I’m done with this book myself, but I’m so glad to see you enjoyed it. I’m a little surprised to hear there are still lots of plot threads flying about though, I would have thought things would start coming together with only one more book after this.

    1. Things are coming together, but there’s definitely still plot threads in the air. Cathy was never going to change the Nether overnight.

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