All Is Fair Read Along Part 4

Welcome to the final post in the read along of Emma Newman’s All Is Fair. To see previous posts in the read along of the Split World series, check out the tag. This week covers from Chapter 23 to the end of the book, and questions are provided by Imyril of  x + 1. Spoilers below the cut.

1. Apparently women can’t be Arbiters or Sorcerers. Is this another sign of Nether sexism, or do you think there may be other mysteries at play here? What do you think Rupert will do about it?

I think Rupert won’t do anything about it, but I don’t think there’s any other mysteries at play. My guess is the “no women” rule dates back from ages ago, and the Sorcerers are too powerful to ever be challenged.

As for what Rupert will do about Dante’s sister… I’m not sure. I think he could be a dangerous enemy.

2. Were you surprised at Max’s choice? What about his deliberate reaching for his emotions? What do you think the future holds for him and the Gargoyle?

I think that was my favorite Max scene in the entire series.

I’m really hoping that Max and the Gargoyle get reunited at some point, especially now that he’s not officially beholden to anyone.

I think his choice makes sense. Protecting the innocents (even if he still thinks “puppets” can’t count as this) has been his purpose in life for a very long time. And what else does he have left?

3. Cathy has had sweeping success in beginning her rebellion. How do you think Londinium – and the Agency – and the Fae – will respond?

Uh, oh. I think their response will be a force to behold.

What’s interesting is that I think Lord Iris wanted society overturned, based on what Lord Poppy said anyway. (It was absolutely wonderful to see Poppy so shaken). However, I doubt that Lord Iris was aiming for equality for women. Maybe he wanted the Agency destroyed? But I thought the fey didn’t know about the Agency? From what we’ve seen, I’d guess that Iris is trying to take over all of Nether society…

4. Will has finally become an ally. Do you think he’s strong enough to stick to it? Do his secrets make him vulnerable?

Psh. I’m not buying any of this. I thought he was going to tell Cathy he drugged her but then he comes out with “I love you” instead? WTF?

Not to mention that Cathy doesn’t know about Amelia and the pregnancy… If this was the end of the series, I would be incredibly angry. Instead I’m mildly annoyed.

5. Sam assumes the mantle of Lord Iron – what do you think of his intentions to pick up Leanne’s mission as well? Do you think he will find his deeds tainted just as Amir’s were? What do you make of his reflection that he’s found a way to look at the past such that it’s nobody’s fault?

I can’t say if Sam will become tainted until I know why Amir was. However, given that Amir seemed to think the taint had to do with him specifically, I would guess not.

I think he should have notified that friend of Leanne’s she was working with. But instead he completely ignored her last request, of course.

I have low opinions of the Leanne/Sam relationship subplot, so I’m not even going to go there.

Anything else you’d like to talk about?

The main thing that comes to mind is how much I loved seeing Poppy getting taken down a notch.

Oh, and so many of my questions were answered this week! It’s completely out of character for this series.

The question list:

Why is it so important that Cathy and Will have a son within one year?

What are the fae breeding people for?

New: What’s Lord Iris’s plan?

How do Mundanes end up in the Agency?

Why would the Prince be angry with Iris?

Who’s in charge of the corrupted chapter in Londinium? Answered.

Is there a mystery regarding Sophia? Answered.

What was Cathy’s painting? Why was it significant? Answered. 

Did Lord Poppy know what he was doing when he granted Cathy’s wish to meet her full potential? Answered.

Will Max get reunited with his soul?

Did Max choose to be an Arbitrator?

What’s Sam’s missing memory? Answered.

How/when will Cathy find out about the love potion?

New: What will become of Amelia?

How did Miss Rainer become a governess? Question from imyrilAnswered? It sounds like Charlotte was responsible for her change in status. 


9 Comments Add yours

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    Yeah, Will – he’s not really improving. He puts in the bear minimum and he just fails to be honest. He also comes across as cowardly doesn’t he!
    Lynn 😀

    1. I still distrust Will, and it would take more than this to change that.

  2. YES! When Will said that he needed to tell Cathy something, I thought he was finally going to come clean with her too about the drug, Amelia, the baby, everything. ARGGH! “I love you?” “I LOVE YOU?!?!” Weak, Will. WEAK.

    I would have been pretty upset if this had been the end of the series too. In fact, for the longest time I thought this was a trilogy. Very happy there’s more (a five book series, I hear).

    1. I knew there were plans out to at least a fifth, but I didn’t know that was the total length of the series. I’ve actually got an ARC of the fourth I’m planning to start as soon as I write up my review of All Is Fair.

      1. imyril says:

        It finishes at a good place to pause for breath, but I’m glad it’s not finished for good (I may have already started A Little Knowledge as I was a bit too curious about the Sorceress and Society’s response to Cathy. As for Will – GRRRRRRR – Cathy comes clean about everything, and he… bails. As usual.

  3. imyril says:

    I loved the scenes with Lord Poppy too! It was fun to see him taken down a few pegs, and an intriguing glimpse into Fae society – I somehow hadn’t twigged that there was a King and Queen.

    1. I think I heard them mention Oberon at one point, so I figured there was a king and queen somewhere around. I’ve got no idea if we’ll end up seeing more of them.

      1. imyril says:

        I hope so! I remain very intrigued by the Fae – we see relatively little of them, and I’d love to see more.

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