All Is Fair Read Along Part 3

This third week in the read along of All Is Fair covers from Chapters 15 – 22. Questions for this week are provided by myself, and spoilers are beneath the cut.

1. What do you think the fae could be breeding people for? And why Cathy and Will?

Honestly, it’s hard to fathom Lord Poppy having a long term plan. I just see him doing whatever amuses him most at the moment. Lord Iris on the other hand… he’s one who feels like a schemer.

As for what their plan is… the obvious question this leads to is “What do fae want from humans in the first place?” Obedience maybe? But why would Cathy of all people be chosen for that? I had the impression that the humans were a form of entertainment for the fae, or maybe a way to duke out status through intermediaries. I don’t know where breeding would come into any of this though.

To answer this question I think I need to know more about Lord Iris. What motivates him?

2. Cathy’s third wish starts to provide some hope right when things look most desperate. Do you think she has a shot? Will the book group end up being of any help?

Finally! This is so exciting! Just when all hope was about gone, something moves the plot forward and our hopes with it!

I think Cathy has a shot, although I don’t think Will will be as supportive as she hopes. I’d like to think that the book group would help her, but I also understand why they’re so scared.

3. Will’s landed in some dire straits. Do you think he’ll be able to wiggle out of it? Do you want him too?

While I don’t like Will, I don’t want him to be brutally murdered or any of the other things Rupert seemed to be talking about. On the other hand, wouldn’t be nice if he just stayed out of the way somewhere  and never came back? That being said, I think he’s going to find some way out of this situation, although I’m not sure precisely how.

4. So much has been revealed about the Elemental Court. Do you think Sam’s making the right decisions? Will he be able to use his new power to create some change?

I think Sam’s going to face a lot of unforeseen obstacles when it comes to invoking any sort of change. And if he tries to take on the fae, I think he’ll end up getting in over his head yet again. I’m also getting the feeling that if he tries to help Cathy or even contact her and Will finds out about it, Will’s body count may rise yet again.

At this point, I’ve officially given up any hope of Leanne being secretly alive somehow. She was most definitely fridged and used mostly as a plot device. Her actions don’t even make sense! Why wouldn’t she tell Sam about the whole environmental investigation? It’s like her actions and personality were sculpted entirely around plot needs and to cause personal conflict for Sam.

This makes me worried for the resolution of the Will/Cathy plot and the drugging scene from the last book.

5. Any other thoughts?

I take back Rupert being one of my new favorites! Maggie needs to get away from him as quickly as possible, he’s starting to scare me.

Also, what was that line the gargoyle mentioned? About Max becoming an Arbitrator? He made it sound like Max didn’t have any choice in the matter, but Max seems to have it filed squarely away under Things We Do Not Think About.

The question list:

Why is it so important that Cathy and Will have a son within one year?

New: What are the fae breeding people for?

How do Mundanes end up in the Agency? We’ve been told this week that they’re being taken voluntarily, but I don’t buy it. 

Why would the Prince be angry with Iris?

Who’s in charge of the corrupted chapter in Londinium?

Is there a mystery regarding Sophia?

What was Cathy’s painting? Why was it significant?

What’s Cathy’s “full potential”? Answered? It looks like the ability to create societal change. 

New: Did Lord Poppy know what he was doing when he granted Cathy’s wish to meet her full potential?

Will Max get reunited with his soul?

New: Did Max choose to be an Arbitrator?

What’s Sam’s missing memory?

How/when will Cathy find out about the love potion?

What is the Elemental Court? Answered. 

Why did Leanne die? Or, is Leanne really dead? Answered. I’m calling it – Leanne’s definitely dead, and she died because of Neugant being poisonous (whatever that means). 

New: How did Miss Rainer become a governess? Question from imyril.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. hishamelfar says:

    If Cathy’s 3rd wish broke the “silencing/cough” curse – is it possible it also broke the Love potions effects too? Will Cathy see Will differently when they next see each other?

    1. I think the love potion was a one time thing. From what we’ve seen of Amelia’s usage, she had to consistently reapply it.

      That said, Cathy 100% needs to know about the fact he used it.

  2. I’m so mad at the way this series treated Leanne – you’re right, she was totally just used as a plot device. And I was really mystified as well why she wouldn’t tell Sam what she was up to. I can understand protecting him, but to continue her investigations behind his back knowing that it was driving a wedge into the marriage? Either tell him, or let him go. Sam was treated quite cruelly in that sense. He’s not perfect, but I felt he deserved the truth.

    1. Her actions made no sense at all. Basically everything about her seems designed in terms of Sam’s characterization not her own.

  3. imyril says:

    Yes, I’m with you – Leanne is dead, and it was fridging. I’m not happy with any of this storyline, just disappointed. As you say, it doesn’t bode well for some of the other plots I’ve been holding out hope for.

    Regards the Mundanes in the hands of the Agency – I think these are innocents who became aware of the Fae or the Nether in some way and were picked up by Arbiters / a Sorcerer. When Sam was picked up in the first book, Ekstrand commented that he would normally hand them over to the local chapter master to ‘deal’ with – I got the distinct impression that the options on the plate for Mundanes in Sam’s position were whatever the Chapter Master offered (probably service with the Agency) or death. The Agency wouldn’t seem like such a bad option in those circumstances…

    1. imyril says:

      …on that note, I wonder if Miss Rainer was a Mundane? So perhaps they are less brainwashed?

      1. From what we’ve heard, she was taught by Charlotte, who was a Mundane suffragette. So my guess is that it comes from there.

      2. imyril says:

        Well-remembered – I’d forgotten that crucial detail!

    2. I still wonder where the sorcerer’s apprentices and servants come from. My guess is that maybe it’s the same sort of situation?

      1. imyril says:

        That’s a very good question, and that would make a lot of sense.

  4. @lynnsbooks says:

    I think it would be great for Will’s personal development if he went ‘missing’ for about 20 years!
    I also wonder if Lord Poppy had a vested interest in granting Cathy’s third wish – not to mention I can’t help feeling he’s manipulating the wish itself to be more than she ever thought of.
    Time will tell.
    Leanne – I just can’t.
    Lynn 😀

    1. It would be lovely if he does go missing for 20 years, gets back, everything’s changed, and he has to adjust. Really doubt that would happen though.

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