Any Other Name Read Along Part 2

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Welcome to week two of the Any Other Name read along! This week covers chapters seven through thirteen and is hosted by imyril over at x + 1. Last week everyone was almost unanimously angry at Cathy’s situation. Thankfully things didn’t get too much worse for her this section! Spoilers below the cut.

Will wants to have his cake and eat it. Between his dealings with the Alba-Rosas and his efforts to coach Cathy for social success, how do you judge his behavior this week?

Will is oblivious and self centered, especially when it comes to Cathy and Amelia. He doesn’t understand why Cathy is upset with her situation, and he doesn’t even suspect that Amelia may be lying about wanting to be his mistress to keep him happy (what other choice does she have? The Agency?).

That being said, he did seem more reflective where Cathy’s concerned. Hopefully he gains a greater understanding of her.

Cathy seems to be taking on the Agency – just as Max is sent to investigate them. Is she biting off more than she can chew?

Cathy decrying the Agency has a scam was loads of fun. I would love to see her be responsible for orchestrating their destruction, although I think that would be more likely to come about as a result of Max’s investigation.

I do wonder if she’ll face any negative consequences for campaigning against them. The Agency’s so mysterious that we don’t really know how much power they have. I suspect it’s a lot.

Max drops a lot of hints that Leanne may not be entirely her own woman any more. What do you think is going on at Leanne’s flat? – and do you think there’s any chance for Sam to save his marriage?

I have no idea what’s going on here. And are we sure that it’s magic that’s led to Leanne’s character changes since she first met Sam? What sort of magic makes someone career driven?

And what’s with the cage surrounding her apartment? I’m betting this is connected to the mysterious Lord Iron mentioned by the fae in the last book. Could Lord Iron be trying to protect Leanne from the fae? But why would she be a target?

As for Sam’s marriage, I don’t have many guesses there either. A lot depends on the mysteries encircling Leanne.

We get our first glimpse of London Society at the Tulipas ‘intimate’ dinner, and we get a hint that Cathy might be tempted to adapt her goals. What did you think of how she handled herself at dinner – and of how she reacted on the way home?

I loved that scene where she jabbed Freddy with the fork! And looking so innocent afterwards! This is a scene which really made me love Cathy.

But I think the most interesting thing about the scene is the suggestion that Cathy will be a force of change for Nethers society. In parlor room discussions she’s convincing the other ladies to question the Agency. What other changes will she wrought?


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  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    Same! Cathy really came on in leaps and bounds this week. I loved the way she handled herself at the party – the fork scene was definitely funny and she wasn’t too over awed to join the conversation and to talk about the Agency to the other women. I hope she’s not being called for an audience with Lord Iris as a dressing down about the Agency!
    Lynn 😀

    1. Oh, I hadn’t thought about that! I was assuming that the meeting with Lord Iris was a run down on being new to the family. Or maybe that it had something to do with this mysterious Iris/Poppy alliance?

  2. I’m very curious about the whole Sam and Leanne situation now. I want to think Leanne is under protection, not harm, but like you said, what kind of protection would make her become more career driven? And it doesn’t seem to be benefiting her in other areas, especially her marriage which is crumbling to pieces right now.

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