Red Seas Under Red Skies Group Read Part 5

Two ships on high seas under full sail. Text: Red Seas under Red Skies - Gentleman Bastards Read-along

Everything comes together in this final section of Red Seas Under Red Skies. This week covered Book 3 and the Epilogue, with questions being provided by Imyril at x + 1. As always there are spoilers under the cut, but within a week or so I should be posting a more general spoiler free review.

1. Backstabbing! Rodanov & Jacqueline Colvard plot against Drakasha as soon as she’s over the horizon. Were you surprised?

I’ve read it before, so I wasn’t super surprised. That said, I didn’t remember who it was exactly that attacked Drakasha. All I really remembered was the death of Ezri.

2. Thieves prosper. The rich remember. Did Ravelle make a good pirate in the end?

Edit – Somehow I originally spaced and read Rodanov instead of Ravelle? Here’s my new answer:

Ravelle was a decent pirate, if a lousy captain. He ended up being a valuable member of the crew, and he even managed to gain something of a reputation for himself (thanks to luck and Locke’s skills at lying). So, yes, I’d say he was a good pirate.

3. A glass raised to air for a fallen friend. Given our discussions about Nazca, how do you feel about Ezri?

I don’t think Ezri’s death is the same as Nazca’s. Nazca was slaughtered off page to fuel the plot and anger her father into rash action. Ezri had a heroic self sacrifice moment which saved the day.

That being said, I remember having suspicions that Ezri would die when she agreed to sail off with Locke and Jean on a little yacht. That sounded far too idyllic for this book series. To be cynical, her survival may also have threatened the bromance.

I’m sad that Ezri dies, but I also feel like someone significant was going to die, given slaughter at the end of the first book. If I had to pick between Locke, Jean, Ezri, and Drakasha, I’m glad it was Ezri.

4. At the end, our thieves have successfully delivered a revolution and been disappointed in all their hopes. How do you feel about the outcome?

There are so many good moments here! A particular favorite of mine is that reveal about the paintings. You go straight from Locke triumphantly unveiling his scheme to finding out just how badly he goofed up. Guess Chains should have taught the Bastards some more art history, huh?

I also like that Selendri is being appointed to the equivalent of Stragos’s old post. Locke is leaving quite the string of enemies behind him! First the Spider and the Bondsmagi, now Selendri and the Requin? He better hope he doesn’t encounter any of them again. That being said, Zamira Drakasha could be a valuable future ally.

I finally have an idea as to whom Merrain might be working for! Locke and Jean glimpsed a black tattoo of vines twisted around a sword. Back in The Lies of Locke Lamora, Locke was posing as a merchant of Emberlain who worked for a world renown distillery. The fourth book is entitled The Thorn of Emberlain. I’m going to bet that Merrain is working for someone in Emberlain and that she’ll be making an appearance in book four.

The read along for Republic of Thieves won’t start until July 7th. See you all again then!


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  1. imyril says:

    I hadn’t made the mental link between Locke leaving the Salvaras about to become Spider in Camorr, and Selendri becoming the spymaster / secret police in Tal Verrar. You’re right – he’s REALLY good at helping antagonists assume positions of power. The Bastards may have to end their lives back out at sea if they keep it up!

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