Between Two Thorns Group Read Part 3

Welcome to the third week for the Between Two Thorns read along! As usual, there are spoilers under the cut.

1. Sam is our fish out of water – any sympathy for his predicament?

Totally! Sam’s involvement in this whole affair is not at all his fault. It’s more of a tremendous case of bad luck than anything else. And since he comes from Mundanus, he has no idea how to stay safe in Exilium.

I also get the feeling that the memory Lord Poppy took will be important somehow. I don’t know if it will be important to the plot or just important to Sam’s personal life. Could it be that the missing memory drives another wedge into Sam’s fraying relationship with his wife?

2. Horatio Gallica-Rosa is claiming property to try to weasel his way into Aquae Sulis; and the Alba-Rosas are trying to weasel their way into Will’s good graces to stop him. Given what we know about Lady Rose, do we believe in the inter-Rosa feud, or is this all part of a plan? (if so, what do you think it is?)

What do we actually know about Lady Rose? I’ve gotten the impression that she’s bad news. She’s likely in charge of the plot involving mortals being kidnapped into Exilium and the disappearance of the Censor. But what is her end game? Why is she doing any of this? There’s still a lot of question marks where Lady Rose is concerned.

It’s also unclear why Horatio wants to slither into Aquae Sulis. The impression I’ve gotten is that it represents a social victory of some kind. But it could also relate to the inter-Rosa feud. I’d still like to know more about that. As far as I can recall, the only information given was that Horatio was somehow the cause of it.

As for the plan… it obviously includes the kidnapped mortals somehow, but I have no idea how Aquae Sulis comes into play.

3. We get to see a lot more of Will this week. What do you make of him now we’ve got to know him better? Do you think Cathy should give him a chance?

The point Will makes a good point about how Cathy should try harder to get along with him, but at the same time I’m cheering whenever Cathy snubs him.

I think he did gain a greater understanding of her when he found out about the bruises on her arms, and it’ll be interesting to see their next meeting. But in concocting a plan to rescue her (moving up the marriage), he’s still not considering what she’ll think of it at all! I think Will’s going to hear about that next time they meet.

4. No sooner has Cathy survived Society – after a fashion – than she’s back in deep water with the Sorcerer and sent to Exilium. How well do you think she handled Lord Poppy?

I think she handled him fairly well. I still think that Sam’s forfeited memory will turn out to be important somehow, but I think she was just focused on getting both of them out alive and in one piece.

I am wondering about that new fairy. It seems like it will be nicer than the other one, but Cathy seems to believe that all of the fairies are awful.

What was really curious for me was to see how Cathy was treated by the Sorcerer and his allies. The rift between the two groups runs deep.


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  1. imyril says:

    Oh Will – so close and yet so far from actually understanding Cathy. Of course, from his perspective, he’s doing all the right things and she’s just unbearably awkward – and I do think he’s honestly trying – but it just never occurs to him what’s actually going on for her, because she’s so alien to him.

    …and then we see the way the Sorcerer and the Arbiter think about her and oh my word. Now that’s prejudice!

    (I think you’re right about Sam’s memory being crucial to his marriage. I rather suspect that without it he’ll struggle to remember why he’s still in it. Poor Sam – I may not like him, but nobody deserves Lord Poppy)

    1. And when ever Cathy gets angry at him, Will’s reaction is to go “urgh, she’s so ungrateful” rather than question why she’s angry.

      Lord Poppy gives me the creeps, which I think is the purpose of his character.

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