The Lies of Locke Lamora Group Read Part 2

Gentleman Bastards Read-along: Lies of Locke Lamora

This section of The Lies of Locke Lamora group read covers the first six chapters of Part 2. Spoilers for up to the end of this segment under the break.

I’d completely forgotten the plot point where the Capa “asks” Locke to marry his daughter Nazca. I did remember what ended up happening to Nazca. Poor Nazca! It seemed like she had more sense than anyone else close to the Capa, which was probably why the Grey King chose her to kill. She would have advised caution.

1) Last week we saw the Capa in theatrical mode taking young Locke’s oath on his enchanted shark’s tooth. This week we see the former scholar carving up the surviving Full Crowns and swearing vengeance on the Grey King. What do you think of his responses to the Grey King’s assaults?

I really don’t know what the best course for the Capa would be. He has no idea that the Grey King and the employ of a bondsmage, and I have no idea how one would even fight a bondsmage in the first place. The Grey King seems basically invincible.

2) We get our first glimpse of magic this week. What do you make of the Bondsmagi (and especially of the Falconer and Vestris)?

Dangerous! I’ve actually forgotten exactly what happens with regards to the Falconer, so it’ll be interesting to rediscover.

Besides the “kill a bondsmage and you’ll wish you’re dead” bit, how would you even defeat one in the first place? Is the Falconer’s magic all powerful?

3) The Gentleman Bastards make plans for a hasty exit, but resist the urge to drop everything and go, because reasons. Seemingly entirely reasonable reasons. Do you think our boys are right to stay?

I want to tell them to be super cautious and get the heck out of there, but who knows what the Grey King would do to them if they tried to run? They definitely seem in over their heads. What’s funny is how Locke’s still so confident and optimistic about the whole thing.

4) We’ve now seen a lot more Eldren architecture, including the spectacular rooftop ‘rose garden’ Don Maranzalla trains his students in. Do you think the Elderglass is a creation of magic, science or something else entirely?

The rose garden was amazing! It’s so imaginative and deliciously creepy. Right now it’s hard to get a feel for how the Elders and the Elderglass fit into the fabric of the world. Who were they? Were they human or some other species? I don’t think this is true, but could they be aliens? If I had to guess, I’d choose magic. The alchemy mentioned thus far in the book seems more like magic than a form of our world’s science.


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  1. imyril says:

    I always wonder why the Capa didn’t employ his own Bondsmage to figure out who the Grey King was. I mean, sure, torture your ignorant minions to make a point (no, wait, DON’T) or pay an exorbitant fee to get to the bottom of it and sort it out? Maybe he’s too tight-fisted. Maybe he didn’t have as much as cashflow as the Gentleman Bastards. I guess it just never occurred to him. The underworld seems pretty blunt most of the time.

    (separate consideration is whether a Bondsmage would accept a contract opposing another Bondsmage; and if not, whether they’d tell Barsavi this was the reason they were turning him down. I can’t remember the intricacies of their contracts!)

    1. My guess is it just never occurred to him. The bondsmagi seem to be considered exceedingly rare, almost mythical.

      1. I agree; the way to hiring a Bondsmage is likely not very easy even if you know how, and Barsavi has methods of getting information that he knows will work, therefore that solution would seem obvious to him. And if he can put the fear back in his people at the same time, then…

  2. nrlymrtl says:

    I expect Locke will figure out the answers to your questions about the Falconer. At first glance, the Grey King and the Falconer seem so invisible. But it’s really just upping the stakes and Locke is always willing to take on a challenge, especially one issued by a bully.

    I went with aliens too in regards to the Eldren – specifically large alien bugs.

    1. Huh. Bugs hadn’t occurred to me. Are you thinking something like termites with the structures?

      1. nrlymrtl says:

        I was thinking more along the lines of wasps or bees that can create structures by chewing on local materials and half digesting it and then spitting it back out in a form they desire. The structures are super strong in comparison to their body size.

      2. Hmm. I feel like the structures would then look more organic though? The impression I’ve gotten of the Elderglass is that they’re very precise and geometric in construction.

      3. nrlymrtl says:

        I expect the Eldren were refined race of bugs fully capable of societies and music and such.

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