Pre-Release Discussion Post for The Raven King

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My favorite, currently ongoing series is Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle. However, on April 26th the final book, The Raven King, will be released and the series will come to an end. I’ve been rereading Blue Lily, Lily Blue in preparation for the release. However, since I’ve already reviewed the first three Raven Cycle books, I needed to come up with a new way to talk about this series.

Under the cut are my extensive questions and speculations regarding The Raven King. Spoilers for the first three books of the series.

  • There’s three sleepers, and the tarot cards for them are the Devil, the Empress, and Death. I’m guessing that Gwenllian is the Empress, which means that Glendower is either the Devil or Death. I’m getting some ominous feelings for what will happen when they finally find him…
  • What is the third sleeper? Besides something black with lots of legs, that is. And what will Piper ask for as her favor? I feel like she and/or the third sleeper are going to be the main antagonists for The Raven King. I’m betting that Neeve will get trampled underfoot. Piper doesn’t seem like she plays well with others.
  • Has Greenmantle learned his lesson and gone back to Boston, or will he be in book four? I didn’t think he was a particularly threatening antagonist in Blue Lily, Lily Blue but I think it was cover for the eventual reveal that Piper may have been the more dangerous one all along. I love how it’s easy to at first think of her as a trophy wife and how that perspective shifts through the book, especially when it’s revealed in a flashback that she was the one who both asked him to marry her and got him into artifact collecting.
  • Gwenllian says that Blue’s father was the one who imprisoned her in the cavern – 600 years ago. Given all the weird stuff with time going on (such Blue’s face in that ancient weaving and the Pig’s hubcap in the lake) I’m inclined to believe her. Since they found Artemus at the end of Blue Lily, Lily Blue, maybe he’ll be able to provide some answers.
  • Speaking of Artemus, how will his reappearance impact Maura’s relationship with the Grey Man?
  • In a scene with Blue at the school counselor’s office, the counselor mentions an “incident” with another student. Will we find out more about this?
  • Why was Gansey going to his school’s office anyway? He mentions that he lied about the reason because he didn’t want to fight with Adam. This does not bode well.
  • What role will Henry Cheng play in the next book? Based on the few scenes he’s had in Blue Lily, Lily Blue, I feel like he’ll somehow play into the burgeoning romantic tension between Adam and Ronan.
  • What will happen with Adam and Ronan? I’m pretty sure that they’ll get together, but I have no idea as to the particulars.
  • Will Adam’s vision of Gansey dead and it being Adam’s fault come true? Maybe I could believe it at the beginning of the series, but as of Blue Lily, Lily Blue Adam’s devoted himself to making sure the vision doesn’t come true.
  • Unless something completely unpredictable happens in The Raven King, I do think Adam will succeed in his goal of getting out and going to college. But he’s tied to Cabeswater, and we’ve learned that there’s more magical places like it out there. Will his tie to Cabeswater making leaving difficult for him?
  • Similarly, will Blue be able to go off to college and ecology?
  • Since the very beginning of the first book, we’ve repeatedly been told that Gansey will die. I think he will die in a way, but death might not be permanent. The weird time stuff might play into it, but also he’s already died – when he was stung by hornets and reborn along the ley line. And if he’s alive at the end of the book, what will he do with his future? Who will he become if he’s not searching for Glendower? Or there’s the theory that he is Glendower somehow (again, weird time stuff). I’m not a fan of that one since from what we’ve heard about Glendower, especially directly from Gwenllian, he’s not a person I’d want Gansey to become.
  • Most importantly, will they all be able to remain friends? It feels like their futures are stretching off in so many different directions, but I desperately want their friendships to survive.

As you can clearly tell, I have a lot of thoughts about this series and the ending. What are the rest of you thinking?


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  1. I’m of the camp that doesn’t believe Gansey will stay dead. I also would like to know very much more about what happened in England with Malory, since Gansey is evidently suuuper not thrilled with himself about it. Was it just panic attacks or was it panic attacks plus OTHER MORE MYSTERIOUS things?

    1. I don’t think he’ll be dead dead. There’s probably some sort of twist.

      About England, I don’t think there’s a secret we don’t know, but Malory also mentioned that Gansey would scream at night. Maybe this fits in with him having trouble sleeping in book one?

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