Art Cards

So I realized I haven’t had an art update since January. I’ve been making things, I promise! I’ll get around to getting the photos ready at some point. Anyway, I’ve also been making artwork in the size of playing cards to give to my friends before we all graduate and scatter across the country. Most of this involves fan art from popular movies and series. There’s thirty-eight in total.

I’ve been making art cards recently as gifts for my friends before we graduate this spring. Here’s some from the Legend of Korra!Watercolor backgrounds with marker drawings on top.

More art cards, this time from Avatar: The Last Airbender! Markers on top of watercolor.


BatmanWonder WomanBaymaxKatnissHarry PotterHerminoneGamoraGrootRocket


Darth VaderPrincess LeiaDougUpabstract1abstract2abstract3

To make the cards, I let watercolor roll around on a sheet of paper. I found a section I liked, cut it out, and drew on it with marker.


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